FREE 50 Amish Friendship Recipe Cookbook

Way back in the day I baked A LOT of Amish Friendship Bread, created friendship bread recipes for my own blog and helped create friendship bread recipes for the blog, Friendship Bread Kitchen​ amongst other things.

friendship bread recipes

Today I noticed author Darien Gee​'s Quick & Easy 50 Amish Friendship Recipe Cookbook FREE on Kindle. Go check it out. I was excited to look through it as see my contributions and my name in the back of the book. 

This was one of those fun things I did when I wasn't eating so healthy :) LOL I can't remember when I last baked a loaf but this time of the year makes me want to create a starter and make a few! I might even have a starter somewhere in my freezer! 

Here are some of the recipes on my blog, too! Feel free to pin them and make & share this fall!


Super Baby Soft Pampers Premium Diapers are a MUST!

Hey everyone! I hope you are having a super summer! One of the things that I do in the summer is work at my friend's home day care. This is really rewarding for me because I am a mom to 3 girls which 2 of them no longer live at home. The last one is busy with school and work so I see her less and less each passing week. Empty nesting is real! So I've set the stage for you why I love working at the day care, right? It gives me snuggle time with little ones, teaching potty training and even...yes I even find joy in changing diapers!!!! This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Pampers

So my experience with Pampers goes back many years but today I'm here to share with you about the new Pampers Premium Care diapers! I have always LOVED Pampers! I love the smell (out of the box) but as a day care worker there are more features to rejoice about!

The Pampers Premium Care diapers have a cool absorb away liner which pulls the wetness and mess away from the skin. We change diapers so no one has to be in a wet or messy diaper but messes happen and we don't want our babies bottoms to be sore! 

The material is breathable to keep air circulating around their super soft skin. I did notice that these premium care diapers had extra absorb channels to help distribute wetness evenly for  up to 12 hour protection. Even though they don't nap for 12 hours at the daycare, they are still sleepers and we love this reassurance that they are sitting in a pile of wetness in one spot.

Look at this little cutie and her dollie! Both are wearing a fresh diaper and are happy! I love how little ones want their babies changed, too! 

What do you look for in a diaper? If you are looking for any of the above features, give Pampers Premium Care a try! They will be available later in the month at your neighborhood Walmart! 

You can follow them on Twitter @Pampers or @Walmart and you can check out Premium Care Diapers online! If you want to see what others are saying about these super soft baby diapers, then do a social media search for #MothersPromise. 

Oh and guess what? You could be 1 of 4 winners in the Instagram Giveaway! Enter today as it ends in a few weeks!

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