You Are Not Alone with Your Body Image Struggles

This is a serious post which could be a huge help to some of you or you might know of someone who could use this information. You have my full permission to share this post with others and get me connected with people who are having any of the below issues. 
I started a private Facebook group a few weeks ago called "Mirror Mirror" and here is why. I've suffered body image issues my entire life. My issues stem from being bullied, sexually/physcially/mentally abused, abandoned by parents, and more. I have a family history of drug and alcohol abuse. I'm not in contact any longer with the people who have harmed me as a child but the scars are deep. I've learned that growing up with addictive parents/relatives in your environment causes you to have an addictive personality as well. I've also learned over the years with counseling and with living life on how to deal with these issues. It is an on going process. FYI I'm at the point where I have forgiven all in my past who have trespassed against me, bullied me, harmed me in any way. This isn't easy to get to but when you do, the power is in your court instead of theirs. Can you relate to any of this?

My addiction has been food. I feel that I've been so blessed to have not given into drugs and alcohol but know food is just as damaging. Others aren't so luck with the alcohol or drugs. How about you? What is your addiction?
So by creating this private group I know that I can help others and it will also help me. I've worked 3 years to be healthier and have been on a healthier lifestyle journey to deal with food addiction and other issues because of my past. I've already lost 100 pounds and still have more to go to get to my goal weight. Even thought I've lost 100 pounds, when I look in the mirror I don't always see me at my current size. Do you have this problem?
I have a partner in my adventure and we have 15 other ladies in our group so far. Here is what Donna has shared about the group, "Do any of you struggle with body image, food addiction, emotional eating, issues with food/weight/self-esteem rooted in your childhood/young adult experiences?" and "Our group isn't run by therapist and we are not a replacement for counseling but we are both women who have suffered many of these issues. This group as a safe place to share and have those "me, too" moments and you'll find resources, discussions and support within the group."
So feel free to leave your email addy in the comments, follow me on Facebook and message me there or email me at and I'll discuss this with you and gladly add you to the group if you think this group is for you. IF you don't feel comfortable in a group setting, I do one-on-one meeting with ladies and guys already to help them with their issues. What do you see when you look in the mirror?

I'm praying that if this group suits you in some way that you will click over and send me a message. Guess what? You don't even have to speak up in the group until you are ready and maybe you will never be ready. BUT it is comforting to know you are not alone and we are sharing ways to help you through things are aware of and maybe not even aware of today.

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