Coffee Month- Community Coffee Giveaway

My first encounter with Community Coffee was when we moved to New Orleans in 2000.  This is when I learned to love coffee with chicory and fresh roasted coffee! This love of coffee has continued; obvious by my month long obsession with all things coffee. While living there I loved buying cold brew which was coffee concentrate sold in the dairy section of the store. I remember one lady bringing this to the "Monday Ladies" meetings along with other items to make really FUN (adult) coffee drinks!  I've only seen this in New Orleans. Have you seen cold brew somewhere? If so let me know! I'm a curious coffee drinker!

Thanks to Community Coffee, they let me review the Toddy® Cold Brewing system.  (From their site) This allow you to brew coffee gourmet coffee concentrate with cold water.  This keeps the heavy oils and acid released by heat in the grounds and preserves the rich coffee flavor. You then store the coffee concentrate in your refrigerator and you can quickly prepare a hot cup of fresh, gourmet coffee by adding boiling water, cream, milk, etc.  You can also pour the cold coffee concentrate over ice for a smooth, rich iced coffee.

My Take on the Product: What a cool system!  Simple and very easy to use!  This kit comes with 2 packages of bean, too! Here are a few  pictures of how to use it! When it is done "cold brewing" after 12 hours, you let it run through the filter and then stick it in the fridge for up to 2 weeks without any deterioration in taste or freshness. This liquid that has lower acidic and caffeine than the conventional hot water methods.  The coffee was rich and smooth.  You are to then mix 1 part coffee concentrate with 3 parts water, milk or cream.  You can play around with it to get the right mixture for you.

I plan on posting back in 2 weeks to report back if I think the concentrate is still as fresh as day 1.  I will also include the different ways that I used the concentrate.  I'm thinking about using it as a marinate and to make a granita.  In the mean time, look at the photos and enter the giveaway!!!

GIVEAWAY ($60 value)
1 Toddy Cold Brew System with
2 bags Community Coffee Sumatra Mandehling 
To Enter:  What type of coffee do you enjoy??  LEAVE an email address with this entry. 

BONUS Entries: (do as many as you want!)
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GOOD LUCK! Giveaway ends September 10
Giveaway is sponsors by Community Coffee. They will mail the winner the same thing I reviewed.
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