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This is my last coffee review for Coffee Month 2010!  I'm ending my month with The Green Coffee Bean Company.

Here is their bio: The Green Coffee Bean Company is a little coffee shop in Ketchikan, Alaska, located in beautiful and rainy Southeast. We do all of our own roasting with our Probat roaster. We put a little bit of love into all the coffee we roast and we hope you can taste the difference. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us. We love to talk about coffee!

The Green Coffee Bean Company is owned by Steve, main roaster/owner/head honcho. Brittany does the online part of TGCBC to help Steve out, as he's usually pretty busy with roasting coffee! We also have Crystal, our roasting assistant, and a barista or two.

We also have green coffee beans available and do wholesale orders. We package our coffee in stand-up bags with a zipper-style closure and a one way valve to let air and gases out. Coffee will stay fresh for a long time!

I had the pleasure trying Harrar Longberry, dark roasted; Alaska Black Wolf, dark roasted and Midnight Sun Espresso Blend, medium roasted.  I could not stop smelling all three of these.  I would love to be at their coffee shop in Ketchikan and smell their shop.  If I ever get to Alaska, I would plan my time around going to their shop.  
Alaska Black Wolf
(From store) Black Wolf Espresso Blend is a dark roasted delight. This is a bold and flavorful blend that is perfect for espresso, but tastes just as great used for drip coffee. Black Wolf will keep you howling all day!  This espresso does make you howl!  It is smooth and tasty!!  I brew it in my one cup Keurig Machine! Works like a charm!
Midnight Sun Espresso Blend: 
(From store) At the top of the Northwestern hemisphere lies the land of the midnight sun. A place where majestic snow-capped mountains fall into a sea of sparkling blue, a place where bears, orcas, eagles, and the world's most revered salmon form the basis of an intricate web of life, and a place where the humans are known for their obsessive love of coffee. Whether it's fuel to keep you going on those darkened winter days, or to revitalize the senses with the midnight rising of the summer sun, we hope you'll raise a cup and join us Alaskans in praising, "Let the midnight espresso shine down on me." 
 For me, this coffee had the best smell, ever. There are many smells and taste in this black bag! One of them that I picked up on was a light coconut smell and taste.  My daughter loved the smell of this one, too!  This for me, is definitely a coffee to be enjoyed with friends.
Harrar Longberry:  This was their coffee of the month for August! Lucky me I was able to get a bag!  They are all sold out!  Keep checking back because this is a bag of beans worth owning.  

(From the label) The district of Harrar is located in teh Northeast area of Ethiopia at about 5,000 to 6,000 feet above sea level.  Longberry is a large, long-pointed bean.  They are grown by hand on smal peasant plots and processed carefully by the traditional, dry method which brings out characteristic wild blueberry undertones, flowery aroma, medium acidity and heavy wine-like body.  With all this in one coffee bean, just roast to second crack to bring out he natural wild fruitiness or dark roast for more pungent cup.  A very special treat with any blueberry dessert.  

I love coffee from Ethiopia.  This is a first for me to try Harrar Longberry.  I was amazed at the floral, blueberry taste and smell.  Very exciting!  This is a great afternoon coffee and great for dessert time.  

Now that you know what I tried, enter to win coffee for yourself!  I'm not sure what you will win but I can guarantee you it will be good!

COFFEE from The Green Coffee Bean Company (TGCB)

To enter: Go check out TGCB on Etsy and tell me something you like to try. Leave email with your comment.

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Giveaway ends Sept. 21. USA
Thanks to the sponsor for sending me all the generous coffee beans to review and mailing out coffee to the winner. All opinions stated here are my own tasty words. All the coffee pictures came from their ETSY store. 
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