Coffee Month- Brugo Coffee Travel Mug Giveaway

I'm so excited to bring to you today, Brugo, the amazing coffee travel mug!  I've had this for a few months and couldn't wait to share it with you during Coffee Month!  This is not your ordinary coffee travel mug.  This is a Smart Travel Mug!
Are you familiar with filling up your coffee in a travel mug, driving for 1/2 hour and dying to drink that coffee but you know it is still at a steamy 190 degrees and you know as soon as you go to take a drink you'll hit a pot hole that hasn't been fixed yet by the Obama "Fix the pot holes" dollars???  Not wanting to burn your lip with a quick sip you just wait and wait until you finally forget it is there and then when you do remember it is coldddd and nasty and you are in the car and you can't nuke it. WASTE!
I tell you this because BRUGO has developed a travel mug that allows you to drink immediately, cooling each sip you take and keeping what you aren't sipping hot! It is called Tip and Sip, a patented Temperature Control Chamber!

 I know this sounds impossible! The mug is also spill proof, 16-oz, double-wall insulation, stainless steel finish, no-slip bottom, ergonomic grip and fits most cup holders!  Still sound impossible?? Well it isn't and it is here for you to win!  Go check out their Facebook page and tell them Susieqtpies at Scraps of Life sent you!
1 Brugo Coffee Travel Mug
To enter: Go check out  BRUGO and come back and tell me something from their site that I didn't mention here.  Leave your email address with this entry.

BONUS ENTRIES (do one, all, none, up to you! Better your chance  to win. Make a separate comment for each entry. So if entry worth 5 leave 5 identical comments

1-Grab my COFFEE BUTTON  or blog button (top & top left on blog) and put on your blog & leave link (5 entries) 

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5- Which color BRUGO mug would you LOVE to have if you won? (5 entries)

6- Link up giveaway on another giveaway site. Leave link. 5 entries

7- Leave a comment on any COFFEE POST from Aug 1st-30th and come back here and tell me which one you did for 5 extra entry every time.  So check back all month. New one added daily

8- Enter any of my NON COFFEE giveaways (right side bar) for 10 bonus entries for each giveaway

GOOD LUCK! Giveaway ends September 7
DISCLOSURE- BRUGO sent me a mug to review through The Product Review Place.  All tasty words and opinions are my own. They will mail a mug to the winner. USA and Canada. Colors vary.
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