Coffee Month Giveaway by Good Harvest Coffee

Happy Coffee month with Good Harvest Coffee Company from Texas.  They don't roast your beans til you order!  They state that roasting is an art, and every batch is a new experience.  I got to review their Fair-Trade, Organic Nicaragua Beans. The beans smelled great!  I love smelling coffee beans.  I poured the beans in my hand so that I could get a good whiff!  My nose really picked up on the cherry and chocolate smell.  Yum!  When tasting the brew, it had a full, delicate taste that left my mouth very happy.  It had a light fruity tasty!  This is definitely a morning coffee for me. 

Here is their description of this coffeeThis is a medium-bodied varietal of organically-grown, fair-trade coffee beans from the high-grounds of Nicaragua. According to coffeebeandirect.com, "Nicaragua is a fairly new entry into the coffee export world, and they have made quite a splash already. Some experts say that this coffee can give Kona a run for its money."

As to flavor, this coffee is mid-toned, with a pungent aroma containing fresh cedar, cherry, and chocolate-caramel notes. In the cup delicate, roundly sweet, with floral and high-toned fruit notes.

To Best Enjoy This Coffee:
* To bring out the very best flavors of this tasty bean, we recommend a medium (Full-City) roast, which is how we will roast it for you unless you specify otherwise (lighter or darker).
* Also, we ship our beans whole and not ground (unless you specify), because we don’t want to compromise an ounce of freshness by grinding them before they get to you.

We want you to have fresh coffee, and we want to sell it to you at a great price! Our coffee is not roasted until you place your order, so it arrives at your doorstep at its very freshest. We are a family-run business and your satisfaction is key. Please let us know how we can better serve you. (photo up above from their ETSY store)


1 winner to get 8-oz (1/2 lb) of coffee-of-choice, chosen from their Etsy store

To enter:  Go visit their ETSY store and leave a comment on one of their products that you'd like to try.  Leave your email with this address. 

Bonus entries: 5 entries each
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5) Look around at their ETSY store and tell me something you learned, something you would purchase, and Heart something you like. (5 entries per comment)
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7) For 5 entries  Go visit them at their website and come back and leave me a comment on something  you learned. 
Giveaway ends Sept. 21. USA
Thanks to the sponsor for sending me a sample and mailing out coffee to the winner.
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