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I love recipe eCookbooks!  This one has 29 tasty and easy breakfast recipes.  I love having my recipes on my computer.  Don't get me wrong, I love holding real cookbooks but eCookbooks are handy, cheap and take up no kitchen space! This yummy breakfast collection isn't just for that first meal of the day!  We love having a breakfast meal for supper!  I can't wait to try out the Overnight French toast, easy honey scones and asparagus eggs Benedict. Let me know what you think about the eCookbook from RecipeLion! 

From RecipeLion:
Breakfast is the first meal of the day and for good reason. It fuels, sustains, and energizes you for a more productive morning. Breakfast may mean something different to many people. It could be a big hearty meal (biggest meal of the day) or it could be something small and on-the-go. Let us help figure out your perfect breakfast with this tasty collection of breakfast recipes! 

This collection of 29 tasty, easy breakfast recipes includes pancakes, waffles, eggs, omelettes, frittata, casseroles, French toast and on-the-go meals. These recipes have everything from sweet apples and bananas, to salty cheeses, bacon, and sausage. There are a large range of choices to choose from, so make as many as you like! Breakfast foods are so good that we recommend eating them for lunch and dinner too.

Have you ever downloaded an ebook?  IF not check out this helpful information

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