Coffee Month Ritual Bath Love Lip Balm Review

Today is Day 5 in my Month of Coffee Reviews & Giveaways!  I'm pleased to give you a review on Ritual Bath ETSY Store and the Love Lip Balm.

From her shop announcements:  Throughout the world there are many rituals associated with washing or water. I create bath and beauty blends that will manifest a state of mind similar to the title, with aromatherapy and affirmations. All products are hand blended by me in my kitchen lab unless otherwise noted. I strive to create a healthy and hedonistic bath experience without harming mother earth, as much as possible.

Ritual bath carries lotions, lip balms, bath tabs, bath soaks, body wash, face mask, salt scrubs and more!  If you are looking for skin hydration, exfoliation, detoxification and cleansing this is your one stop shop! 

I was given the chance to review the Love Lip Balm

Here is the store description of the lip balm:  A luscious conditioning lip balm that won't leave your lips flaky hours later. In a convenient oval twist up tube.  Lots of good for your skin oils like apricot kernel oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, and coffee butter. With a touch of natural beeswax for a solid but not waxy feeling stick. With a slight scent of coffee and mint.  Enjoy this moisturizing, velvety feeling lip balm.  What people are saying about it:"I prefer Ritual-Bath lip balm, I use it as a primer before brushing on my BB lip color. Love the way it makes my lips feel."  Ritual Bath can also make a custom blend as wedding favors and any other kind of promo or gift, just send a convo and we will create it together.

My Take on the Product:  Can you say luxurious? That is exactly how my lips were feeling when I smoothed on the lip balm.   I LOVED the hint of coffee smell and was thrilled to review this for my coffee month!  I picked up on the smell because I have a nose for coffee.  My daughter, on the other hand, couldn't smell it.  She did, though, want to use my lip balm!  I told her no way! It was all  mine!   
I wear lip balm, gloss, stick, etc you name it all the time.  I'm sold on the richness of this lip balm.  I wore it by itself and over a few of my dry lip sticks.  I'd love to see this tinted, too!  

Thanks to Ritual bath for providing the review product for me to include during coffee month. The words expressed here are of my own tasty thoughts and opinions!

So now you need to go check out Ritual Bath  for yourself.  Follow her on Twitter and Facebook

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    tweeted the giveaway!!!

    barbs562 at gmail dot com


    The Love bath kit sounds like something I'd want to try!!!
    I bookmarked their site for later!!!

    barbs562 at gmail dot com

  3. I follow her on twitter and facebook and I liked the Love Bath Kit on her site.

  4. Oh I love her shop! Coffee Butter lip balm? What's not to like?
    And the Balance body wash sounds lovely!


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