Coffee Month- Big City Organic Coffee Giveaway

I am addicted to Big City Coffee. There, I said it. It is out in the open. I'm addicted. WOW that feels good to say... I'm addicted to Big City Coffee.  Do you want to know why? Read more if you dare!

First off, they care about what they buy and sell.  Do you need proof? They are Certified Organic, Certified Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance Certified! This is your proof that they care how the beans are being grown,  the welfare of the farmers and the protections of our environment.  Secondly, they fresh roast in small batches so that they can ship out the freshest coffee, guaranteed and they will refund your  money if you are not satisfied! Last but not least, their Chief Caffeinator, Stephan Iscoe, is just plain crazy! haha I say that all in fun! Let's just say, he has a full-bodied personality!  If you don't believe me go follow him on Big City Coffee on Facebook!  While you are there, tell him CafeScrapper at Scraps of Life sent you over!  

Now that I told you this, you are still wondering what type of coffee they carry, right?? I will tell you that I have, YET, to find one that I do not like!  I brew their coffee in many ways.  Most of the time I use it with my single cup Keurig Brew System.  The coffee works great with an AeroPress (hot and cold) and French Press, too!  Oh and I've been known to cook with it, too!

The first coffee I tried, well over a year ago, was the Chickadee Brand New Orleans Organic Coffee. I love the smell these beans.  I'm a huge fan of coffee with chickory.  This is some of the smoothest coffee I have ever tasted.  This coffee has undertones of chocolate and pecans! How can you go wrong with that??? 

Hi Fi no. 45 is another one of my favorites.  Again, I can not stop smelling the fresh coffee grounds! I'm wondering if you get caffeine in your system by just smelling? I loved the uniqueness of this coffee. This would be great to drink anytime especially in the afternoon when you might need a little more pep to get you through the rest of your day!

Tiki Club Island Blend is my overall favorite! I am a huge Sumatra blend coffee lover. This is the coffee I want to grab first thing in the morning!  It has a rare blend of Sumatra and Java.  This coffee is smooth and you can taste a hint of spice and chocolate!

Do you use espresso? If so you need to try their CafePergolesi.  It is one of the smoothest, espressos that I have ever brewed hot or cold!!! 

Don't say that I didn't give you a fair warning that I'm addicted to Big City Coffee.  I've tried just about all that they offer.  The Crazy Chief Caffeinator has offered to let one of my readers try some of his coffee!!  The variety pack that is being used for the giveaway is what I typically purchase.  I love every single pack in this set.  One of the packs that I didn't mention is the Kaldari Farms Ethopian.  This is the coffee that I almost always serve guest! It is top notch and taste like a coffee served in a 5-star restaurant! Maybe this is what they serve!  Thank you BCC!!

$5 Gift Certificate
AND 1 Organic Gourmet 8 pack

To Enter: Go to Big City Coffee and tell me something
 that you learned from their site. ANYTHING GOES!
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Giveaway ends August 30

Thanks to Big City Coffee for donating the giveaway item.  
The review comes from my own tasty supply and opinions!
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