DIY Tutorial: Turn Stained-Glass Windows into Printable to Color

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For almost 4 years I have wanted to turn our church stained-glass windows into printable black and white sheets for our school & church kids to color. When this was originally on my mind I didn't give a thought to it that adults would want to color as well. I also didn't think that anyone else would want a lesson on how to do this! Boy have a learned a lot the past two months! Everyone wants to color and do this with their church windows. So here goes a small tutorial.
make printables

Instead of writing all of this out I made a video and uploaded it to YouTube. It is very basic. For you to make your own black and white printables you will need an iPad, Apple Pencil, and Procreate App. Can you use a Surface? Can you use Android? Please check into that. I do not have those devices. These instructions are for Apple products. I'm sure you can even use other apps. Feel free to use the basic design tips I'm sharing and make it work for your devices.

In the video I roughly show you how to turn your stained-glass windows into printables. I do not go into deep detail. It is more of a quick overview. I will gladly share more in-depth videos if it is needed. It is highly recommend by me that you get the Procreate app and start playing with it using my first tutorial. It took me 3 windows to get my stride. Once I'm done with all of our windows I plan on going back and redoing the first 5 because I learned a lot of new tricks just by doing them.

Feel free to follow me on YouTube (where I have this video and a few others. I will keep adding more.) Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to ask me questions about this process. I will be doing more post and sharing links to the printables I've already made so you can print & color! Watch my video and ask questions. By doing that I will know what specific videos I need to make. I can also have you join in a ZOOM meeting or Facebook LIVE event to show you more.

With being separated from our Church for the past few months I feel as though this was the perfect time to create these black & white printables for my church. What a great way for everyone to connect with their church while being separated from weekly Church Services.

While creating these printables and coloring them on the iPad I have found this as a great way to connect with scripture. Each window has a scripture verse. I also prayed for the families who donated the windows. Now it is time for you to connect with your church family by creating your own stained-glass window printables!

Here is one of the free printables.

free printable
Matthew 11:28


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