5 Second Rule by Patch Games

My daughter, Emily and I love Patch games.  We started off last year participating in their Million Minute Family Game Challenge.  Our family and game playing group ended up in the Top 10 minutes played. We are eagerly awaiting for this Challenge to start back up! 

Patch Products just released, 5 Second Rule: Just Spit it Out!  It is a very "quick-witted" game. The object of the game is to score the most points by giving three answers before the balls twist down to the bottom of the timer, which is 5 seconds!

The timer is a crack up! The little balls twist down the timer and when the time is up and you turn over the timer it makes a "zoop" sound. The sounds reminds me of the "giggle stick" of the 80s.  The timer is distracting, which is part of the fun of the game.  I couldn't stop watching the timer while trying to SHOUT OUT my 3 answers.

The game is set for ages 10 to Adult.  It isn't a difficult game and younger kids might want to play but some of the questions will not be easy for them to answer.  In this case, if you have young ones around and they want to play, too, I strongly suggest you pair them with someone older.  I think that most 9 year and up kids can answer the questions.  When my 11 year old and I played, we got through half the deck and there were just a few questions she couldn't even attempt to answer.  When we played with the almost 16 year olds (you know the ones who think that they know everything)  it was a total crack up watching them struggle to answer the questions quickly! Half the fun was watching them try and answer the questions in 5 seconds.

To play the game, one person reads the card, flips the timer and the "Hot Seat" person spews out quickly the 3 answers. We played  it two person the first time and it worked fine but the recommended play is 3 or more players.  The more people you have the more difficult the game.  If for example, the "Hot Seat" person couldn't answer the question, it gets passed to the next player.  IF they can get all 3 answers (new  player can't use any previously mentioned answers-GULP!) then they earn the point. IF they don't you keep passing it, trying it until it gets back to the original player. If no one got it answered then the original person gets a point by default! (NICE).  Winner is determined by whoever has the most points at the end of the established number of rounds or point play which is what we did.

Here are a few examples of the questions: Name 3 things you can't resist, 3 Facebook games, 3 notes on a musical scale, 3 children's authors, 3 festivals, 3 counties in your State and 3 countries in, or partly in, the Southern Hemisphere.  From all the questions we've read thus far, the creators did a great job adding in current pop culture, history, every day facts and even sport- related questions.

(GIVEAWAY ENDED) Do you want to win a copy of the game? It really is a fun family/party game.

1 copy 5 Second Rule Game

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