Crime of the Century 31 Bond Street Book Tour Contest

31 Bond StreetBook Description:
When the brutally stabbed and nearly decapitated body of a society dentist is found in his town house at 31 Bond Street in lower Manhattan, this is the question that grips America for months. All the evidence points to his elegant and mysterious lodger and housekeeper, Emma Cunningham, who is immediately put under arrest and soon charged with murder. A conviction is sure to catapult flamboyant district attorney Abraham Oakley Hall into the mayor′s seat. But one formidable obstacle stands in his way: the defense attorney Henry Clinton who risks his whole career to help prove the vulnerable widow′s innocence. (Description from HarperCollins Publishers)

Set in New York, only four years before the outbreak of the American Civil War, and based on a true story, 31 Bond Street is both a gripping mystery and a richly detailed re-creation of a lost age.

My Take on the Book: This is a fast paced book.  Quickly you are taken into the 1850s with vivid descriptions of life for women and men of all races and socioeconomic statures. The author, Ellen Horan, filled my mind with rich characters descriptions that left me feeling like I knew and understand each character. 

This book covers scandal, social climbing and corruption in New York City. The brutal murder of this well known Dr. Harvey Burdell sends the police and media into a frenzy and they work together to try and convict Emma Cunningham.

I love Historical Fiction and Murder Mysteries.  This book has both!  This is a great summer read!  This is Ellen Horan's first Novel! I can't wait to see what she writes next! 


How about a Contest? There is talk that a movie might be made based on this book.  While I was reading it I was imagining these characters on the big screen.  I would love to see them come alive on the big screen.  The contest is for anyone who has read the book.  You can enter the "Cast the Movie" Contest.  The prize is handmade truffles from Bond Street Chocolates and a signed first edition of the book. 

The contest is open internationally; it closes August 31, 2010. There will be THREE winners!  So pick up the book, read it and enter to win!
 *I received a copy of this book to review and participate in the TLC Book Tour. The words expressed in My Take on the Book are of my own tasty words and opinions.

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