Country Bob's Beef Jerky Recipe and Giveaway

Are you a fan of Country Bob's All-Purpose Sauce? I almost always use it on my turkey burgers.  When you order a bottle online the send along a pamphlet with easy, tasty recipes.  My favorite one is the Honolulu Burger. I think that is the first time I paired up pineapple on my burger but it works and is it ever tasty with the Country Bob's All-Purpose Sauce.
The Original Country Bob's Cookbook
This summer I got their cookbook, The Original Country Bob's Cookbook.  The book covers Appetizers, Soups and Snacks then Grilling, Main Dishes and finally Dessert! When I got the book I turned right to the Desserts to find out how in the world they used their yummy sauces and seasonings for desserts!  Most of the recipes complimented the other recipes in the cookbook and didn't include their seasonings but a few did!  One of the recipes, Incredible Fudge, has Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce in the list of recipe ingredients. I can't wait to give that a try!  Have you ever heard of Earthquake Cake? I had not until I moved here to Southern Illinois 4 years ago.  I've yet to make it but now I have the crazy-earth-shaking recipe! 

I've always wanted to make Beef Jerky for my husband. HE LOVES Jerky.  He always buys a huge bag for car trips, for himself.  We've been known to buy him some for his birthday or Christmas! The downside of jerky would be all the preservatives and salt in the bag.  Jerky requires salt to cure the meat but by making it at home the salt can be reduced.  Here is their very tasty recipe! IT was a huge hit and I plan on making more, soon!

Homemade Beef and Venison Jerky (I'm going to try it with chicken, too)

2 average-size beef or venison roasts
1 (13-oz) bottle Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce
1 (4-oz) bottle liquid smoke
1 (10-oz) bottle Worcestershire sauce
1 (5-oz) bottle Tabasco sauce
1/2 cup soy sauce
1 (12-oz) can root beer
3 T. Country Bob's Seasoning Salt
1 T. fine garlic powder
2 tsp. brown sugar
2 tsp. pepper

Cut the roast into thin slices, about 3/16 inch thick.  Trim off and discard any excess fat.  Combine Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce, liquid smoke, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, soy sauce and root beer in a large bowl or marinating dish and mix well.  Add the Country Bob's Seasoning Salt, garlic powder, brown sugar and pepper and mix well.  Add the meat slices and stir gently until coated with marinade.  Marinate for several hours to overnight.  Drain the meat slices and discard the marinade.  Arrange the slices on the racks in a dehydrator and follow appliance instructions for drying.

*My tips
-Striving to make this recipe less sodium I used a low-sodium seasoning salt.  I would have used the Country Bob's Seasoning Salt for the sake of the recipe but I didn't have any and my local stores don't carry the product.  Next time I'll plan ahead and order their seasonings and spices online. I also used low-sodium soy salt.

-My husband likes spice so I added in chopped hot peppers from my garden into the marinate.  This gave it a tasty kick without any added salt. Next time I'm going to sprinkle on the hot pepper slices and seeds on top of the meat as it is drying. I did that for a few pieces and it turned out great.

-This was a huge success! I love when I try a recipe for the first time and it turns out perfect! This was also my first time using my dehydrator and I learned A LOT from my first experience (that will be in another blog post)

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