The Girls from Ames: Forty years of Freindships

The Girls from Ames: A Story of Women and a Forty-Year Friendship
Do you have a childhood friend that you still keep in touch with? How many years have you been friends? I have a friend from about the time I was in 4th-5th grade with whom I randomly keep in touch with (Hi Martha) on and off over the past 25years.  Can you imagine having 10 childhood friends that you've kept in touch with for over 40 years? I can't related to that at all.  The longest relationship that I've ever had is with my best friend/husband for 20 years.

The book, The Girls from Ames, is about that group of 11 women and how their friendships started and continues to go strong for over 40 years and spread out in over 8 states!  The author, Jeffrey Zaslow, put together an awesome book detailing their connections over the years.  His research included their childhood diaries, secret class notes, photos and interviews, one on one phone interviews as well as a group get together.
It is amazing to read their stories and see how their friendships all began.  The friendships began as two girls being friends and then one of those friends knew someone else and so on and on it went.  Over the years "they believed their friendships thrived because they had raised some expectations and lowered others...not expecting constant attention...a friend didn't return an email or phone didn't mean she was angry or backing away from the friendship; she was likely just exhausted from her day" I love that wisdom that came out of their friendships!
If you are a woman read this book! If you are a man, read this book! It will give you insight into how we form and maintain friendships.
Thanks to Penguin Group and TwitterMoms for the review opportunity.

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