Giveaway- The Secret Lives of Princesses

The Secret Lives of Princesses
Have you ever picked up a book and immediately fell in love with the cover?  That is exactly what happen when I saw the book, The Secret Lives of Princesses by Philippe Lechermeir and beautifully illustrated by Rebecca Dautremer.

I'm sorry but I do first judge a book by its cover.  If the cover is appealing, I will pick it up and see what it is about.  Now does that mean I won't pick up a less appealing book? Of course not!  It just won't be my first choice!
My Take on the Book:  
This is a well crafted book from the words written to all the detailed illustrations! The book starts off with "The Cradle" and explains the secret truth on how to "Grow a princess" and the proper use of seed and location.  "Once the princess is born it is proper to send out announcements of the birth and to remember not to overlook any guest! Some left out guest can get angry and cast spells that aren't so pleasant to the princess (Sleeping Beauty)"

These princesses have been "hidden so well, some no longer even know themselves." Some of the not so known Princesses; Princess Claire Voyant, Princess Sticky-Fingers, Princess Primandproper, Princess Miss Hap, The Unknown Princess and Princess of the Disorient!  Their names reveal their special princess features.  The descriptions are clever, some princesses have a "related to" status to other well known princesses, such as Cinderella. It is a very entertaining book!!!  

1 copy
To enter: Go to their website, The Secret Lives of Princesses and toward the bottom you will find "Calling all would be princesses".  Get your princess name and come back here to enter the giveaway!! This has to be done to enter the giveaway.  Make sure you leave an email contact. (My princess name is Her Authoritative Brilliance, Princess SusieQTpie, Capricious Augur of Illinois)

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ENDS August 4th
Winners chosen by
The more you enter the greater your chance.
Thanks to Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. for providing the review copy of this book for me to read and enjoy! The words expressed on My Take of the book are of my own tasty words and opinions. They will send a book to One of my readers.
Open to USA and Canada readers.

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