Giveaway of the Day- I Hate To Cook Book

The I Hate to Cook Book: 50th Anniversary EditionHere is some information on this book from Mom's Own Words blog! She is giving away 3 copies of this book!  Read and if you want this book, go enter at her blog! I just found her blog today! It is awesome!

(From the Book) About the Book – Stayabed Stew. Skid road Stroganoff. Chilly – Night Chili. Lovely Lamb Shanks. These are just a few of the beloved recipes from Peg Bracken’s classic I Hate to Cook Book. Written in a time when women were expected to have full, delicious meals on the table for their families every night, the book offered women who didn’t revel in this obligation an alternative: quick, simple meals that took minimal effort but would still satisfy.
Fifty years later, times have certainly changed – but the appeal of the I Hate to Cook Book hasn’t. Updated and revised to fit the tastes of today, this new edition includes a foreward by Peg’s daughter Jo and recipe updates for a whole new generation of women who hate to cook (and those who like it, too)!
This book is for everyone, men and women alike, who wants to get from cooking hour to cocktail hour in as little time as possible.
The Review - Chapter 1 – “Never doubt it, there’s a long, long trail a-winding when you hate to cook.” This line sets the tone for the I Hate to Cook Book. The author admits right off in the introduction that this book is not for women who like to cook.  If you would rather be relaxing by the pool with a glass of wine or a dry martini at the end of the day, than spending your time in the kitchen cooking, then this book is for you! 

TO READ MORE OF her review and to enter to win, ends August 4th .... click the button below:


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