Hearts on a String Book Review and Giveaway

This book delves deeply into the emotions of five very different women who are thrown together by chance-only to discover that they have more in common than they ever could have imagined.

Holly Blandeen has always cherished the story her grandmother told her about the thread that connects all women, tying them forever in sisterhood. It's a beautiful idea, but with all the curve balls life has thrown her way, Holly has often felt isolated, different from other women. That starts to change when she meets four strangers in an airport and they agree to share a luxury hotel suite because a powerful spring storm is barreling across the country, stranding travelers from California to Florida.
What begins as a spur-of-the-moment decision becomes an unlikely, unexpected, and sometimes reluctant exercise in female bonding, as these five exceptional women-each at a crossroads-swap stories, share secrets, and seek answers to the questions they've been asking about life, love, and the path to true happiness. A storm may have grounded them for the moment, but after this wild adventure in which anything can and does happen, they'll never have to fly solo again.
My Take On the Book: The book started out with an event that immediately bonded 5 strangers in an airport bathroom.  This was the calmest part of the book.  From there on out the women were testy, angry and fussy at one another.  Together they were all weathering a powerful spring storm that was raging outside of their hotel suite as well as the raging storms from within that each one of them brought inside the hotel suite.
The story was fast moving with many unexpected twist, turns and secrets exposed.  It was amazing to follow a story of strangers that spanned many generations, different backgrounds, different set of playing rules and experiences.  Their tense sisterhood bond was formed when each one of them on their own time purged secrets.
When the storm was over and they went their separate ways their hearts were bounded by a small invisible sisterhood string that kept them connected.  I enjoyed the last few pages that consisted of  "text-a-logue", their long distant texting that kept them updated on each ones  progress. 

The characters were very well developed.  I was amazed at how well the author knew each woman and how her writing style portrayed them very clearly.  This isn't a light summer read.  It is more intense but worth the challenge.  It made me realize that you can choose to know people either superficially or open up your heart and mind to get to know them, care to know them for who they really are.
Are you up for the challenge?  After you read this book ask yourself how you would have felt being with these strangers, how would you have opened up, how would you have handled some of the issues they had to deal with.  This book would be great for a book club. 

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