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Chuggin McCoffee, CEO
I'm starting off my Coffee Party with The Coffee Bump!
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You have to visit The Coffee Bump! You will find an unlimited selection of all things coffee. Their ABOUT US states this about their site that it includes " whole coffee beans, coffee grinders, coffee mugs, coffee makers and espresso machines, coffee tables, and unique coffee wall art. I have to warn you that this is not just your average coffee purchasing site, but instead, we focus on taking an alternative approach to how you enjoy your brew by customizing and selecting the coffee products and tools that are specifically right for YOU. So, if you are an individual who wants more from your daily cup of joe, please enjoy this site with all the products and resources we have to offer you."

I totally agree with their ABOUT US! Very fun and easy to use site.

How many CEO's do you know with the name, Chuggin McCoffee? I just giggle saying his name.

*You will find The Coffee Buzz: a newsletter that gives you tips and guides about coffee based on your preselected style and roast!

*While there take The Java Questionnaire to find out what suits your taste and what products they have for you. I took the quiz and found out what suits me!

Viennese Roast

Your Viennese Roast type, also known as the Full City Roast, is a little darker than the regular city roast. Meaning - you have something a little more special, favoring hints of sweetness and boldness in your brew. This roast can actually be used for espresso and is known for its caramel flavor, so it goes hand-in-hand with the person you are - someone with depth and an edge, who marches to the beat of their own drum. Take your coffee to go with you on your way to one of your many events, as you are known to have a multitude of friends and a spicy nightlife! (OHHH LALALA)

*Another must check out is Coffee Pairing. You will get recommendations on what brew goes with your favorite meal. (Even Subway?)

*How abut The Coffee Sommelier? Ever heard of it? I had not! You give them your wine preference and then get a recommendation back on a coffee roast to pair with it!!! How FUN! Guess what? Still more fun to be found! You can get a customized coffee/wine ID that personalizes your choice of mug!

*The Brew Crew is a bi-monthly coffee sampling club that offers a new and fresh coffee shipped to you every two weeks! (HINT HINT READERS or SANTA: I want this for Christmas!!!)

*Check out Chuggin McCoffe! He has his own Hubpage! Sweet!!!

*Do yourself a flavor/favor and check out the BLOG too! His latest post is How to Clean your Coffee Grinder. Still need more Chuggin McCoffe? The tweet with him at ChugginMcCoffee!

When I opened the box, my first thought was "ahhhhhh soooo freaking cute!" After playing with it and several uses I still thought that it was so freaking cute, easy to take on vacations and this little girl kicks out an awesome cup of coffee!

It came with very easy to read directions in A LOT of languages! My 10 year old said "OK mom I read the directions and it is easy to use." In case you loose your directions you can get them right on The Coffee Bump's site. (French Press Directions)

Features from The Coffee Bump website:
  • Works to expertly extract the essential oils of the coffee bean for a bold and deep flavor.(TRUE)
  • Yields 12 oz. of freshly pressed coffee.(I only did 4oz at a time)
  • Press mechanism is stainless steel.(yes pretty and shiny)
  • Brass frame is chrome plated.(really! awesome!)
  • Carafe is made of heavy-duty unbreakable polycarbonate glass.(well I haven't broken it yet so that is a great feature)
  • Professional replacement parts are available.(thank you)
  • Quick turn lid to close spout.(yep)
  • Every part is dishwasher safe!(I LOVE YOU)
  • Not to be used on a stove.(ummm ok...are you sure?)
  • Made with authentic Normandy craftsmanship!(thank you Normandy)
  • Awarded the Best French Press coffee maker by The American Culinary Institute in 2004.(also awarded 2 thumbs up by ME!)
LOOK WHAT I MADE Mr. Chuggin McCoffee, CEO
GIVEAWAY ( I know you just can't wait)
The giveaway winner will get 1 POUND of

Almond Toffee Flavored Coffee

Description from The Coffee Bump: Almond Toffee Flavored Coffee is made of premium Arabica beans infused with toasted almond oil that you can savor. The blend is also full of caramel notes which bring out intense aromas of sugar, butter, and vanilla. The final touches to the complex and delicious tastes of Almond Toffee Flavored Coffee is the sweetness of butterscotch that give a smooth finish to this fine blend. Toffee is a treat that hails from England where molasses was boiled with butter and cream for a flavor that we still love today, and it is even better enjoyed as a steaming cup of coffee. A dessert in your mug!

1-First entry: Go to The Coffee Bump and search the SHOP. Come back here and tell me one item you would buy for someone for a gift (ok even for yourself). (1 entry)

BONUS ENTRIES (do one, all, none, up to you! Better your chances to get "a dessert in your mug". Make a separate comment for each entry.

1-Grab my COFFEE BUTTON (top right on blog) and put on your blog (5 entries)

2-Go to The Coffee Bump Blog and comment on at least one post. Come back here and tell me which one you did. Can do this up to 5 times. (5 entries)

3-Grab my blog button and put on your blog. (5 entries)

4-Friend me on twitter @susieqtpie (1 entry)

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6- TWEET GIVEAWAY - tweet up to once a day for 1 entry per day and leave comment

7- Advertise giveaway and link on FACEBOOK (5 entries) post comment here

8- Leave a comment on any COFFEE POST from Aug 1st-15 and come back here and tell me which one you did for 1 extra entry every time.

9- Sign up on Mr MckLinky (top of blog) with your blog (5 entries)

Check daily because I will have a few surprise giveaways that will post that day and end that day!
(HINT first one will be Aug 3rd)
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