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BLOG Hop theme is 3 Things you don't know about me!
This is easy because I can think of 3 things that my blog readers and twitter friends don't know about me!

*************************************************************************************1) I'm a RN- BSN from Purdue University. I went into Nursing because it was suggested to me in High School. I had fun working but never really my passion. So that is the reason for me going in and out of retirement since becoming a RN!
2) My family (hubby and 3 girls) lived in New Orleans for almost 6 years. My hubby received his first Call as a Pastor there out of the Seminary. I REALLY learned to cook in New Orleans. I had a lot of fun and the people were great at explaining why they used this and that! Mrs Dotsy was the most help. We have a lot of good memories from living there. We were kicked out of New Orleans because of Hurricane Katrina. Our heart still aches at times when we sit back and think about our life before Katrina. We hold our memories and the people we encountered very near and dear in our hearts.
*************************************************************************************3) I have a secret desire to be a Special Crime Scene Investigator for the FBI. I have always thought it would be very exciting to be a Medical Examiner. I really should have taken this route in College. I"m way to0ooo old now and have lost way toOooo many brain cells since giving birth to my girls to really consider this now!
THANKS FOR the Stop on the BLog HOP! Please say HI so I can visit you too!!!

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  1. WOW! Nice to meet you! Your blog seems so uplifting and fun! I'm so sorry you were personaly affected by Katrina. I know what it's like to get rooted somewhere and then have to leave. It's hard. What wonderful things you learned while you were there though!...I'm still trying to learn how to really cook!

  2. Nice to met you! It must have been hard to leave New Orleans.
    I, too, have a secret desire to become a Special Crime Scene Investigator, though it would probably make me sick!

  3. I've never visited New Orleans, but it always looks like such a unique place in pictures and movies.

    I love all those Crime Scene/Forensic Files shows, but I don't think I could be an examiner myself. Too creepy.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. Oh girl, I always wanted to work as a Forensic Psychologist for the FBI! Unfortunately, I was too old before I started working towards it...missed age cut off by 3 months!

  5. Just hopping by to check out your blog. Nice post. I know what it feels like to find out late in life that you missed "your true calling"--I should've been a teacher. The medical stuff is interesting, too, and I did work as a receptionist in radiology for 3 years(my hubby is a x-ray tech/ dept. director)I have 2 blogs if you'd like to visit. They are http://www.many-mimi-mini-tales-blogspot.com and http://edshunnybunny.wordpress.com

  6. Just stopping by from the blog-hop. These were great, fun facts about you!

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