Back to School with Master Lock

Master Lock is introducing two new locks just in time for back to school buying!

- The Speed Dial Set-Your-Own Combination Lock opens on up-down-left-right directional movements, instead of the traditional rotary dial, and can be customized with letters, shapes or numbers, depending on how students most easily remember their combination. I love this feature! Master Lock has "unlocked" the secret! They realized that students have different ways of learning and that kids are NOT all the same. So their new lock encourages individuals to set the combo in a way that they will remember. Thank you, Master Lock!

- The Set-Your-Own Combination Lock is a traditional rotary dial for students more comfortable with that method, but with a new reset feature that allows them to choose their own combination using, letters, numbers or both. I personally am "old school" and will appreciate the comfort of the traditional rotary dial! I love that you can set your own combo! It makes life so much easier! We live in a password world! How wonderful that we have the option to set the combo to one we already have and know! Thank you, Master Lock!

Check out the video

They are also introducing the "Master Lock Secret Vault" Facebook application. This fun application will help keep users' secrets safe and secure, as well as offer participants a chance to win a cash prize in the "Master Lock $5,000 Secure Your Future Sweepstakes." I love the application! I"m a Facebook Ap junkie! This one is actually practical and worth having!!

just posted this promotion! Please help us spread the news! The first twenty 20 bloggers to post an entry about Master Lock’s new combination locks and/or Facebook application and sweepstakes, and send the URL to, will win a combination lock to give away on her site.

So go to TwitterMoms and get the full scoop!

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