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Tupperware is proud to kick-off the Chain of Confidence Challenge, a ‘pay-it-forward’ contest which invites you to share your story of inspiration on by nominating a friend, relative, or member of the Tupperware community, who has empowered you through an act of kindness. Three winners will receive $5,000 to donate to the charity of their choice.

I nominated my husband, Mark. Even before I knew what was happening between us in college, he inspired me and gave me confidence. The reward was that I became true to myself. The little story that I shared was before we were married and even before we were more than friends in College. This is my submission:

by susieqtpie

I was a lost girl in college. You would never have known it! I was into my higher education! I was into the Social Life! I was loving and living it up! As my love for learning was being met.... as my social life was overflowing with activities and inner lost girl self was screaming out for HELP!

That is when Annoying boy came to school too. I physically did not want to be around him but emotionally I needed him and craved to be near him. He wasn't aware of this inner turmoil. He was just a kid trying to do what was right.

His personal acts of kindness pulled out the Lost girl in me and brought me up and out into the world. I no longer felt lost and lonely.

I e
nded up marrying Annoying boy. Sixteen years later, Three girls later.... we are now together annoying our TEENS! So fun!

Please click on my title, Annoying boy Lost girl, and vote for my little story! Three winners will receive $5,000 to donate to the charity of their choice. I can't thin k of any better way to give back! I would love to win and give a nice fat check to my charity!

Thank you Tupperware for the opportunity to Pay-I t-Forward to our Charity. I feel like we are doing that already by having kids!

This contest was posted on If you are not a member there please go check it out! You can tweet @TwitterMoms too!!

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