Coffee Product Reviews & Giveaways 2009

I'm sitting in a local coffee shop, Latta Java, writing my first review for my COFFEE WEEK I had such a great response by companies/businesses that I decided to extend the reviews and giveaway listings for 2 weeks! Thank you for your support!

I decorated my kitchen at home last year to resemble a coffee shop. At home it is known as Susie's Cafe. Yes I make things to eat in or to go. Stop in for coffee! You have to pick your own mug. Some people have their favorites.

Yet today, I sit in a "real" down to earth homey local coffee shop with free WiFi, of course!
(Did you know that Barnes & Noble just added that service for its customers?) Mr Coffee IV Bean Man (Jimmy) said that there isn't a website for his Crackhouse...umm I meant Coffeehouse! I told him to get on Facebook and start a business page. He didn't know that you could do that. I'm going to give him a few weeks and if he doesn't get it going I'm coming back here and do it for him. It is FREE I told Mr.Caffeine Man.... as in FREE advertisement. 

I'm sipping a very hot and yummy Caramel Latte Macchiato for $5. A customer just walked in and the barista said "your usual" to the guy (who already looked jacked up on caffeine) holding 2 books and a notepad. Simple nod of the head seals the deal at Latta Java. During this time the phone rings and the barista says "ok I'll have it ready in 5". (Side note the chick came in and said "wow you really had it ready for me") Another lady (early 60s) just came in the shop and said can you make me what you made me Mr. Red Eye Cortado, shot out a few names until he hit the right drink. I love small businesses.

If you have a small coffee shop in your town or a nearby one, stop in and get a cup of coffee. Bring your laptop and check out my blog! Grab your cup of Joe or whatever you are into and surf my blog every day from Aug 1st- Aug 15 th. You don't want to miss out on leaving comments on my reviews or entering the great giveaways! I have a few giveaways that you will only be able to enter that day. (HINT that first one will be Aug 3rd)

If you have a blog leave your link in Mr. MckLinky (to of blog) so I can stop by and visit you too! Grab my buttons. Tell me that you did and I"ll grab yours if you have one! My Coffee Review & Giveaway button was made by Bloggy Buttonz. Didn't she do a great job? Stop in and see her! Tell her Scraps of Life sent ya!

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