B as in Beauty by Alberto Ferreras

Written By: Alberto Ferreras
Published By: Grand Central Publishing a division of Hachette Book Group, 2009, First Edition, 352 pages, paperback
ISBN 978-0446697897

B as in Beauty is humorous and eye-opening; a refreshingly unique take on beauty in all its forms.”

Thanks to Miriam at Hachette and TwitterMoms I was able to review this book. The author, Alberto Ferreras, joined in The TwitterMoms Book Club to discuss the book with us. It was a lot of fun!

Here is what Hachette has to say about the book:

Everyone in the world, it seems, is either prettier or thinner (or both) than Beauty Marie Zavala. And the only thing "B" resents more than her name is the way others judge her for the extra 40 pounds she can't lose. At least she has her career. Or did, until she overhears her boss criticizing her weight and devising a scheme to keep her from being promoted. Enter B's new tax accountant, a modern-day matchmaker determined to boost B's flagging self-esteem by introducing her to rich, successful men who will accept her for who she is. As B's confidence blossoms, so do her fantasies of revenge. But will B find true happiness or true disaster when she unwittingly falls for the one guy she shouldn't?

I found the book to be very insightful into the psyche of women and men! I had some favorite quotes, "If women reacted toward men the way men react toward women, the world would probably come to a screeching hault!" .... ""If disappointments can wither a croissant imagine what it can do to a human heart"... "People perceive you the way you see yourself"... "Be humble and grateful to anyone who pays you a compliment."

I had about 20 more that a I wrote down while reading this 328 page book! This book was hilarious! When I finished the book I was left with wanting to know more about some of the Characters.

I asked the author to please write more!!! So we will see if he gets inspired!!!

The book also includes A Reading Group Guide. I'm a sucker for books with a Reading Book Guide!!!

*Alert* A few pages in this book are rated PG-17 in my opinion only. If you love books that are fun, warm and fuzzy with a HAPPY ENDING then this book is for you!

I WON a copy of this book right after one was sent to me to review for the Book Club.
I want to give away both COPIES!!!

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