I love Redbox! Do you? Rental Code Giveaway

Are you a Redbox fan? We've been their fan for about a year. I love this little red movie machine! I have a difficult time walking past any Redbox machine without stopping to peruse their current movie selections. You will find new releases, oldies but goodies and the unexpected, unforgotten movie from your childhood (ok I'm talking movies from the 80s).

Are you in a winter slump? No plans this weekend? Thanks to Redbox I have been given movie codes to pass on to YOU! This will give you a chance to try out Redbox for yourself. If you are already fan then if you win consider it a thank you for vising Redbox!

If you go to Redbox online you can reserve a movie at your box. This is handy to make sure the movie you want will be there when you get there! If you register, they will send you a free movie code on the first Monday of the month!

We love the $1 movie charge! We usually check out 3 movies at once! I love that you can check out a movie at one Redbox and return it at a different Redbox.  I'm sure you are thinking that is silly and you would never use that function.  I thought the same thing but  done that several times!

(Ends tomorrow-Friday at 4pm so you can have the code for the weekend)

1) To enter you must answer this movie trivia question and EMAIL ME the answer.  DO NOT put the answer here in the comments.  If you do I will disqualify you from winning. No other entries count unless you've done this!
QUESTION: What movie is the quote from? Email me at with your answer. (Check Redbox for the answer if you don't know it)
“Humans of Earth, my quest has led me to your planet. Give it to me now! You should, in no way, take any of this personally. It's just business. Gallaxhar out.”
2) BONUS ENTRIES-You post these here in the comments once you do them.

*Have you ever used Redbox? What did you rent? Leave a comment.

*Become a Fan of my blog.  Sign in at Goggle Friend Connect, Networked blogs and Fan Susieqtpies Scraps of Life (All three are on my left sidebar) Get an entry for each one you do or have done.

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*Leave a comment on any of my other blog post. Tell me which ones you left a comment on and get an entry per comment.

*ENTER my Feddie Girl 3 Book Giveaway. This will give you 2 extra entries to the contest.

(The opinions here are all mine! I wasn't paid to do this post. I was given the codes by PR for Redbox)
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