Time to get your McDonald's Shamrock Shake!

Ok friends this is my  public service announcement to let you know that the very smooth, green, minty, magically delicious (thanks Jake and Baxter for that description) shakes are making an appearance at many McD locations!

Growing up outside of the Chicagoland area, these shakes were always available around St. Patrick's Day.  Over the years I've found it difficult to find these in certain parts of the country.  Just last year I went searching for them in Southern Illinois and could not find them!  I think it was easier to find a four-leaf clover than it was to find one of these shakes.

Last night I was taking my teen to get some fries and there was a sign on the door advertising the shake! So that is what I got!!! It tasted just as good as the shake of my youth! I wasn't sure why the last part of the shake was all vanilla. I don't think they mixed it up long enough. This same thing happened to my other teen and her friends later that night at the same store.  Just so you know it looks better all green! LOL  

This little shake gave me almost 600 tasty calories! Let's just say it was worth it but I won't be stopping in to get a daily fix! I will, however, pledge to go drink another one on St. Patrick's Day!!!

*Thanks McDonald's for reading my blog post and offering me a coupon for another shake! They are also sending me some for a giveaway! I'll let you know when I post that!
U rock- That is ShamROCK!

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