WordToons allows you to play with your words!

WordToons is a fun way to play with your words!  Sounds like a NO NO, right?  The developer of WordToons use to get sent to his room (imagine that) when he was a kid and when he did he would play with his words, making cartoons.  Parents are so silly to think that getting sent to your room is a form of punishment. 
The WordToons ebook is $17 and full of detailed step-by-step instructions on making Word Cartoon.  The ebook allows you to print off the pages you want to work with.  We had the book up on the computer and worked from it there.

I was very impressed with how easy it was to make these drawings.  I would suggest teachers include WordToons into their weekly planning.  Have the children make a WordToon for one of their spelling or vocab words.  I've always encouraged my homeschooled daughters to make visual drawings when listening to the history lesson.  Drawing is a great way to take notes.  WordToons enforces this.  Thank you! 
My daughter and I used Wordtoons as a creative outlet one afternoon.  She loves words! What a fun way to reinforce spelling.  My daughter got creative and started making up her own word cartoons.  She doesn't consider herself artistic although I consider her to be very crafty.  She was able to draw  word cartoons without complaining that she "can't draw".  She was focused on the word she was working with that she forgot that she was actually drawing a cartoon.
After awhile she discovered that she could make up her own WordToons using words of her own.  She wanted to see if she could make up one and teach me how to make it!  She did! Below is the octopus she made on her own.  
What a fun project to use in the car.  I recommend taking it along if you know that you are going to be sitting around waiting, too!
Would you like to try WordToons before you purchase the ebook? Click WordToons and you can get a free sample of the book.

Thanks to WordToons for givnig me a review copy of this book.  The opinions expressed here are mine and my daughter's.  We loved the book and plan on using it weekly.

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