A girl needs some Chunky Bling in her life

Have you ever heard about  

They have just the right amount of bling!  I love this Scarlet Chunky Bling Ring! They carry fun line of interchangeable beaded watches and interchangeable charm necklaces.  I love large, chunky face watches! They have them and in fun colors!  Just recently I was given a fun, chunky chain to wear.  I'm not someone who usually wears necklaces.  Now that I've seen the  interchangeable charm necklaces  I think I'm ready to add more to my collection!  The interchangeable charm necklaces allows you to keep your same chain but switch out the charms!  
Have you ever participated in an online jewelry party?  Well get ready because I'm going to host one real soon! What a great way to connect with family and friends who do not live near you!  So tell me this, are you ready for some chunky jewelry???? 

I wrote this blog post in exchange for a FREE Swarovski Crystal Ring of my choice including shipping. I can't wait to get it!!!  I'll report back once I do!

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