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I've been working as a Virtual Assistant since 2006. First steady position started out as a volunteer for The Product Review Place with Lisa Samples. Eventually it turned into a paid postion. I have since moved into working for blogs of all sizes, businesses, brands, local businesses and authors.

My strongest skills are in Social Media. I work to increase numbers/followers on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. Along with increasing numbers I increase your brand's awareness on those sites. I work one-on-one with each brand to give them what they want.

On the virtual assistant end I can and do
  •  Create unique content for blogs and websites
  •  Work as a website editor or assistant editor
  •   Run the entire social media accounts - specializing in Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook
  •   Run emails accounts
  •   Put together site newsletters & mailings
  •   Comment on blogs as the client
  •   Create unique recipes and photos for blogs and companies
  •   Review books, ebooks and products for companies
  •   Create graphics
  •   Create round up post
  •   Run Twitter Parties as well as working with others running the party
  •   Work as a ghost writer, ghost recipe creator and the same for all the social media sites. I easily work as a ghost so that they clients do not know who I am.
  •  Set blogs up to have blog link parties as well as link up blogs content in other link parties.
  •  I have paid and volunteer virtual assistants which help me, too. 
  •  I work and lead in at least 15 blogger groups to help them, teach them to promote their blogs to the fullest.
  •  I work with all blogs and brands all over the internet. Check all my social media sites and you will see that I am family friendly and am helpful to those around me. 
If you want something done, just ask. I will quote you a price and a plan. I work with each blog and brand individually to provide and direct their needs. 

Thanks, Susie
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Scraps of Life Social Media Consultants

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