Krazy Kidz and Cell Phones!
(Remember cell phones a privilegere a not a right)

Please do not tell me that you are surprised that kidz have their own cell phones! Please do not tell me that you are surprised that parents let kidz have their own cell phones! Our culture allows kidz to be mini adults. So no surprise on the cell phone! Kidz are doing what adults are doing! I think that all this new technology is a good thing! I think that scary things happen because parents do not monitor their kidz! When a parent thinks that a cell phone is right instead of a privilege then trouble happens!

5 tips to HELP manage cell phone usage for your KIDZ!

1- I'm the Parent. I pay the phone bill. I make the rules.
2-The cell phone is a privilege, not a right. You break our rules the phone is put in timeout!
3-Do not answer any phone calls not in your caller ID. As a parent you help them set up their phone contacts. Do not accept blocked ID calls. Those are the calls, pics, txt coming in that will 100% lead to bullying, inappropriate content,etc. I wi
ll check the incoming calls. If you answer calls not in your caller ID...well see rule #1 and #2.
4-You will NOT call anyone not in your caller ID unless you let me know. I will check the bill phone log as well as your outgoing calls. If you call out to people not in your caller ID without checking with me ... well see rule #1, #2 and #3.
5-If you happen to slip and break a rule but tell me before I find out on my own then we will talk about the situation and work with it. We love you and we want to keep you safe. I can't keep you safe if you choose to break the rules.

As the parent we have chosen the right family plan. This is being realistic. If you have a phone you will use it. IF you have text messaging you will use it. If you have a picture phone you will use it. If you have internet options you will use. So as a parent you need to be practical and realistic on how much you have in your budget for cell phones.
If you tell your kids that they only have 200 text messages a month yet you do not help them figure out how to manage that then you are asking for trouble! Remember parents, cells phones are a privilege, not a right.
Teach your kidz how to be responsible just like you need to be responsible!

Guess what? There is a company out there to
HELP you. Kajeet is the one! They show you how to teach responsibility, set limits on calls and text, keep your kidz safe, find your kidz phone and then give them the freedom to use it. Remember, cell phones are not a right they are a privilege. Check out Kajeet blog! I love the little mascots!

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