Krazy Kidz and Cell Phones!
(Remember cell phones a privilegere a not a right)

Please do not tell me that you are surprised that kidz have their own cell phones! Please do not tell me that you are surprised that parents let kidz have their own cell phones! Our culture allows kidz to be mini adults. So no surprise on the cell phone! Kidz are doing what adults are doing! I think that all this new technology is a good thing! I think that scary things happen because parents do not monitor their kidz! When a parent thinks that a cell phone is right instead of a privilege then trouble happens!

5 tips to HELP manage cell phone usage for your KIDZ!

1- I'm the Parent. I pay the phone bill. I make the rules.
2-The cell phone is a privilege, not a right. You break our rules the phone is put in timeout!
3-Do not answer any phone calls not in your caller ID. As a parent you help them set up their phone contacts. Do not accept blocked ID calls. Those are the calls, pics, txt coming in that will 100% lead to bullying, inappropriate content,etc. I wi
ll check the incoming calls. If you answer calls not in your caller ID...well see rule #1 and #2.
4-You will NOT call anyone not in your caller ID unless you let me know. I will check the bill phone log as well as your outgoing calls. If you call out to people not in your caller ID without checking with me ... well see rule #1, #2 and #3.
5-If you happen to slip and break a rule but tell me before I find out on my own then we will talk about the situation and work with it. We love you and we want to keep you safe. I can't keep you safe if you choose to break the rules.

As the parent we have chosen the right family plan. This is being realistic. If you have a phone you will use it. IF you have text messaging you will use it. If you have a picture phone you will use it. If you have internet options you will use. So as a parent you need to be practical and realistic on how much you have in your budget for cell phones.
If you tell your kids that they only have 200 text messages a month yet you do not help them figure out how to manage that then you are asking for trouble! Remember parents, cells phones are a privilege, not a right.
Teach your kidz how to be responsible just like you need to be responsible!

Guess what? There is a company out there to
HELP you. Kajeet is the one! They show you how to teach responsibility, set limits on calls and text, keep your kidz safe, find your kidz phone and then give them the freedom to use it. Remember, cell phones are not a right they are a privilege. Check out Kajeet blog! I love the little mascots!


  1. I agree with you. I'm a big fan of those phones that only allow calls to parents--Kajeet might be one of them. Until they're old enough to pay their own bill in their own house, Mom and Dad are in charge.

  2. Great post, I don't have to deal with this yet because my kids are too small but this is coming from a lady who has never and probably never will own one. People can't imagine how I do it but honestly I make it work and I can count on one had the amount of times in so many years that one would have come in handy. I personally think I would disable totally the text messaging. That annoys me to no end, not just children but adults to resort to texting rather than having a conversation. In addition they cannot spell.

  3. We have a great cell phone plan. It was relatively inexpensive to add extra lines, and we were able to get good deals on additional cell phones as well.

    Since my 13-year-old does school online at home, her cell phone is a great way for her to keep in touch with her friends. She's very social.

    My 10-year-old has had a cell phone for a while now because during the summer, both the girls are outside running around the neighborhood, and the cell phone is important to keeping in touch.

    Lastly, we got rid of our land line about 4 years ago, and haven't regretted it. Therefore, the cell phones are more necessary to communicating with whoever is at home.

  4. Wow, I'm so glad I found you on Twitter. I'm bookmarking your blog, I love it!
    Love the info you've shared about kids and cell phones.
    We went through a huge struggle with our now 19 yr old daughter. We are beginning a new struggle with our 12 yr old daughter as I type this.
    This info could not have come at a better time. She has a phone, but only for emergencies, she is starting to ask about having internet and texting options. Me and DH have said no thus far.
    I love the idea of helping her setup her phonebook ID's, and that she can only call and answer those numbers.
    Thanks again, I'll be looking into the link you gave us.

  5. I'm not surprised that kids have cell phone, nor that parents allow their children to have them. In our family, however, we homeschool - no need for my children to have them. I can call out the window & my kids can hear me just fine while they're playing in the yard. ;)

  6. I don't even have a cell is not in the family budget. All of those cell plans that add a line for $10 is only after there are two lines purchased for $70 each! So, until I get a cell phone, the kids won't...unless they get a job and pony up for it. Most places still have land lines where you can phone home, really...or hey, borrow your buddy's cell phone and call for that ride home!

  7. All my kids are still under 10 years old so I haven't considered cell phones yet-except to not consider them. I like the ones your talking about....if I were to do it.

    But I am NOT a fan of texting and will NOT allow it.

    My 2 cents.

  8. I am against cell phones, especially for kids (whose brains are still developing). The strong signal coming off the satellite tower hits them right in the head when they have that thing up to their ear. Every cell in the human body has an electrical signal and these strong cell phone signals disrupt the normal development of the cell.

    Linda Thieman
    author, Katie & Kimble: A Ghost Story

  9. I have younger children (4, 7, & 8) so I don't have to worry about this, yet. I know many of my friends who have older children have gotten their kids cell phones at the beginning of 9th grade. With all the activities and jobs teens have now-days I can understand. What time is practice? When does it get over? When will the game be done and I can go home? So many things are not absolute in our lives. But, those kids that have cell phones do need to be safe. One of my friends' twin 16 yr olds have cell phones, and they are on it constantly, texting and talking. My kids have even told me that the girls are constantly texting and talking when they are babysitting...and that makes me uncomfortable. When my kids get older and have phones (I'm pretty certain they will)...there will be limits. I love the idea of only answering the calls from your contact list. I do understand the need, but I also see that they can create problems. Something to ponder...glad I have a few years before it becomes an issue here!!!

  10. I love my cell phone. We only have cell phones in our house. My 16 year old got her own for her 13th birthday. Honestly, it was more for me than for her. I wanted to be able to call her and let her know when I was out waiting to pick her up. I didn't want to unload and haul however many children I had with me to go in after her. She was in a lot of activities and I just wanted to be able to reach her when I wanted to reach her.

    My next daughter, who is now 10, got a little Firefly that had 3 buttons - Mom, Dad, and 911. They would be on their way home from school, and I'd find that I was not going to beat her home, so I wanted to be able to call her and let her know that I was running 5 min. late and would be there very shortly. If they are locked out, then a home phone, even if we had one, would do no good. She doesn't carry it to school anymore since there is no longer a need.

    As for texting, we initially did not allow our teen to have texting. But, her cheerleading coach was a college girl who is just as into texting at any other kid her age. If practice was cancelled, for example, she'd send out a text. Convenient, since she could hit the whole team at once, and kids can't receive calls in class anyway. My daughter showed up for several practices that had been cancelled because she did not get the message. I have since become quite happy with texting myself. I know some complain that it takes away from actually talking to people, but I have found it to be very convenient. If I need to ask my hubby something (pick up some milk on the way home) while he is out (at a meeting?), but don't want to actually call and interrupt a meeting, I can just text, and he can view it when it's not an interference.

    Another great use for the cell phone is long distance calling. I remember way back when, I had to closely monitor all my LD calls because they charged by the minute. That is a thing of the past! I can call my family in another state and not worry at all. Even better, since we share service providers, all calls between us are free! They don't even use our minutes up. My teen has a boyfriend in another state. I really like that. Abstinence is not an issue when you are 600 miles apart. However, they spend a lot of time on the phone. I happen to think this is a good thing. They are spending more time talking and really getting to know each other, than any "short distance" couple I've known. And really, as long as she is in this relationship, I don't have to worry about her finding someone locally and going on dates and stuff. *shudder*

    I know many people think cell phones are evil incarnate but we have really embraced the technology and all the convenience it brings.

  11. I agree with you. I think that like everything else cell phones have their use and as long as the guidelines are clear there should be no reason to ban the use of the cell phone.

    Parents who are anti texting should rethink their stance. Texting is a great way to stay in touch with a teen who might be loath to talk with you around his friends. Keeping the lines of communication, all the lines, is important if you want to stay involved in your teen's life.

  12. My kids are all in their late teens now, and control of their phones was an issue when they were younger. You are right that if they have the capability to text, use internet, etc. they will use it and not think of the cost. The best is to block the usage with your service provider.

    Another caution--check your bills!! Our provider is constantly billing us for stuff we do not want, or cancelling blocks that I have placed on the lines. We are waiting for our contract to be up so that we can switch providers.

    Also, once our kids are out of high school, they pay for their part of the family plan (they pay for their car insurance, too). I am even encouraging them to get their own plan.

    The phones are a blessing to know where they are and what they are doing. But as with everything, there must be monitoring. Know what they are up to! This from a mom who has not always done a great job at this, and regretted it. Get in their business. As I now tell my kids, "You are my business, so get used to it." I tell this even to my adult kids as long as they live in my house. I do not want any more regrets.

  13. These are all great comments. I like that you really have to make sure as the adult you know what the children are doing. I know this but it is good to hear it from someone else. We are the ones to be blamed if we didn't prepare them.

  14. Ethan, Zach & Emma's Mom --Thanks for your comments. If I had a phone for a very young child it would only allow my phone # and an emergency ph #. Thanks for making that point!
    YES Mom and Dad are in charge! I'm glad that you agree. Sometimes it is easier said then done but if you keep with that it does sink in!

  15. Cell phones eh? I LOVE them. Would not go anywhere without one. There have been too many instances that having a cell phone could of saved a life. Not necessarily in my life, but look at the news stories.

    My children are 17, almost 11 and 6. The 17 year old is now a junior in high school and has had his since 7th grade. We decided on that age because that is when he started extra curricular activities. I wanted him to be able to contact us at anytime if he needed to. I don't know if it's because he's a boy, but we have never had a problem with being on it too much. Though he does on the average have about 10,000 text a month. But we have unlimited texting. He does have internet capabilities also. My husband is self employed so it just goes on as a write off. But he did purchase his own phone because he wanted an iPhone.

    Now my DD that will be 11 in April, wants one bad. All her friends have them. We were sticking to waiting til 7th grade with her as well. But she is more social then my son was at this age and there are so many times I would love to get a hold of her when she is over with friends or what not. Also, thinking of letting her have one because I just recently let her start spending the night at certain friends houses, but you still never know if anything could happen, so sometimes I think I should get her one for safety.

    I will def. think about these rules for my DD because I can tell we will need them for her.

    Great Post!!

  16. I homeschool so my kids at this time do not have a cell phone. The 13 year old is really wanting one. We are thinking of getting her one for her birthday but i've been scared to death with all this texting and sending inappropriate photos. I think that Kajeet looks very promising. I'm going to have my dh look at this tonight! Thanks so much for the link.
    My dh wants a phone because she is going away to camp this summer.

  17. Niki thank you so much for you post. It is good that you start thinking about these thing!!! I do have a lot of friends without cell phones. I personally have one because we got rid of our home phone. Most all of our outgoing calls were long distance and most of the incoming were unwanted calls if you know what I mean! So we have saved a lot of money with DH and I having a phone. We added 1 phone between the 3 girls to make sure that we always have a phone at home. The older girls 14 are in charge of the phone and have a system worked out in sharing the phone. The first 2 years the girls did not have txt. Now that they are older they have txt and the can only txt from people in their contacts. They use it for quick messages. I use it too now and never thought I would. I do have a problem with someone sending constant txt messages and ignoring those around them! lol But that goes the same with constant answering the cell phone. We all have our pet peeves! I try and think positive that those txt or calls must be emergencies!!! lol
    Thanks again Niki! Susan

  18. Well we were dumb native parents and didn't check anything. After several billings dh complained to me about the high bills! It wasn't me it was my son! The son who is quiet was texting like a mad boy. We all learn from our mistakes. I like that Kajeet phone plan. I'm considering it for the youngest boy. I like the control and I can start right off doing it right, ummm the second time!

  19. I absolutley do not let my (12 1/2)daughter have a cell. SHe doens't NEED one. She's homeschooled and any activities she goes to, I or her dad are there.
    WHen she starts driving, or perhaps babysitting more, then she will have a very restricted phone. (dial in/dial out)
    She also only spends the night with friends whose parents are like us and stay with the kids the whole time. (don't let them wander off on their own, or leave them home alone etc).

  20. I posted about this on my blog a while back. I homeschool so my dd didn't need a cell phone til she was out of the house. My niece went to a birthday part (11y/olds) where she was the only one w/o a cell phone. Wanna know what they were doing? Texting each other and the boys who weren't there. Nobody talked which explains why communication skills are down these days!

  21. My oldest is 7. We recently got unlimited texting on our phones. However, none of the kids have phones. I don't see a need for it - they're always with me or my husband or a friend who has a phone. If they're outside playing, I can open the window or a door and holler. I'm sure there will come a time when it will be practical for them to have one. Then we'll talk about rules and etiquette. I love having unlimited texting - but that's mostly b/c the two friends of mine who have texting capabilities aren't with the same company as I am and we all have unlimited texting, so we text (but none of us know how to spell in the "text" way) to save minutes.

    Last year we had a 17 yr old exchange student who lived with us and we gave her a phone to use. We had limits on minutes and who she could call. She is a good kid and it worked out fine, we had turned off texting and internet for ourselves so we didn't have to worry about it with her. She spent all of her time finding friends with the same company so she could call them all the time. We also set a rule that she couldn't call friends (even if they had a cell phone) after 10pm and couldn't take calls from them after 10 during the week. Mostly it worked well.

    My little boys won't need one at least until they're mobile and separated from the family (driving - ie b/c they can drive the would be separated and therefore need a phone for contact, even though they wouldn't be using it while driving).

    I like the rules you've listed, now to remember them in 10 years! ;)

  22. My oldest is 11 months so I am nowhere near being ready to think about this, LOL. I can't believe I'm old enough to think, "Kids with cell phones? What's next?", hahahaha. I'm only 26, you'd think I'd be more "in the groove" than that. I'm not sure what we'll do but I like the idea of having an emergency phone for my daughter to take with her wherever she goes. I don't like being without them and I would want her to feel free to call me anytime without having to find a phone or ask someone for one.

  23. @notruthless via twitter: Good article. Agree cell phones are a privilege. Z got his in 6th grade. A will too. NO texting plan. Reasonable monitoring.

  24. sabrinacoffin via twitter I let my girls get a cell in 7th grade. Helps keep track of them. I despise texting though. 2 much secrecy. :)

  25. ShakleeMama via twitter mixed emotions great 4 parents 2 ck on kids&4kids2get hold of parents quicklyBUT NOT great when kidsstop communicating face2face

  26. peggyalvarado via twitter Yes, my dd has a cell phone. Uses it very responsibly; rarely makes calls.

  27. Jeffrey L. Bloom via facebook: Susan,
    If I could figure out how to leave a post on your blog. Your cell phone comments were great. I'll tell you some cellphone stories sometime.

  28. Charity Bellville at 9:24am March 30 via Facebook:
    depends on the kid- there responsibility level and if they 'really need' the phone

  29. Yes, my 13 yr old dd has a cell phone. She uses it very responsibly and rarely makes calls. She does text me & DH along with a couple of friends. She is not much of a 'phone person'. We originally gave her a phone for emergencies and because it wasn't much to add another line to our family plan.

    Being homeschoolers, having the cell phone is great because dd will text me when she enters a co-op's class & when she is finished (the teen co-ops don't really want parents to stay so I sit in the car most times).

    We'd love to get rid of our house phone but we have to have a landline for satellite tv.


  30. I have an 18yo and 15yo both with cell phones and we have a family text plan. They have phone with internet capability but that is not an option for them. I love the fact that I can get a message to them nearly 24/7 if they're not at home or at school or college or even on the road (not while driving :) ) to check in on them. I sometimes get more conversations through texting with them about what is going on in their day-to-day activities than they might remember to share at the end of the day. They know that they are to answer a text immediately and I'm confident that I can monitor their wherebouts or changes of plans. There is no tolerance for my not being informed because of the ability to text/call at any time, and so they are very diligent about keeping in touch with me. They've shown responsibility so they have been able to maintain their phone/text privileges. My 12yo would love to have a cell phone but as she is still homeschooling at home I see no need. By next year with her possibly taking classes outside of the home, I will want the confidence of knowing that she has a phone with her for emergency purposes. My husband takes a whole different look at cell phones and texting prefering them to use a land line instead, but he does admit to the appeal of knowing that they can be contacted at any time and have the ability to contact us at any time as well. It's a tough parenting job these days to come to terms with technology and how best to integrate it into our family lives to the benefit of all.

  31. We homeschool, kids are 7 and 8 (almost). They have asked to have their own phone, mainly because their aunts and uncles (my DH and I siblings) have given their children their own cell phones. Our one niece who has her own phone is only a year older then our oldest.

    Honestly, the kids do not NEED cell phones, and this reasons to keep in touch because they are out and about is just ridiculous in my opinion.

    I have heard all the reasons there are for pro-cell phone for kids, but all I can think if is 20 years ago kids didn't have phones and communication was just fine!!

    Granted because of the rise of cell phones, pay phones aren't around like they use to be, but in all honesty I in all of my teen years can I only remember 1 time that I needed a pay-phone to call home, and that one time isn't in my opinion enough to warrant a cell phone for my kids. Oh and I was your average teen always out and about with my friends and believe me my folks were ALWAYS able to get a hold of me when they needed too they didn't need a cell phone to do it.

    As for my kids, DH and I have told them that once they have job and can pay their OWN bills they can have a cell phone. Of course that will mean they have to wait till they are 18, because I won't put their bills on my credit. In other words I won't co-sign for a phone for them!

  32. Wow, this is a hot topic for me. First, I haven't checked out Kajeet, but I will. My kids are 17, 15 and soon to be 13. All girls. Looking back, I would not have let them have a cell phone three years ago as it distanced them from us. BUT the reason that compelled me to let them get the phones was what was going on in the schools. Right after the Columbine thing, their school received threats as most schools did around that time. Then came the bomb threats and last year some kid wrote a list and said who he wanted to kill and then brough fireworks to the high school. Then just a few months ago and my daughters middle school, a teacher (who was my daughters teacher) had been having an affair with one of her students (they say they are many more but we will never know) for two years. She was arrested, put on house arrest and then I went to pick up my daughter from a car wash they were doing just to find out that her teacher had committed suicide. So personally, to me and my peace of mind, I am glad my girls have their phones. They are in that snotty teen phase and you wouldn't believe how good they start behaving once their phone is taken away. All my girls are straight A students so I don't worry about them using it all the time, their heads are usually stuck in a book but thank goodness we have unlimited texting because my girls try to have contests with them and the highest so far is 14, 389 texts in one month. Then you pan over to me and here I am still ABCing it! lol

  33. I have a love/hate relationship with my kids' cell phones. At first they were too expensive but now they have plans with kids in mind. I feel that they are absolutely necessary because of where we live and what our world has evolved into. My kids are required to answer my calls or lose their phone. They can NEVER hang up on me or they lose their phone. I find cell phones useful to keep in touch with my kids during the day as I work and they are very busy after school. With a driving teenager, she texts me when she gets out of school to let me know where she is going and then she will text me again to let me know she got to the designated place, and then again to let me know she is on her way home. The kids will text me to ask if they can go places, or do certain things. They let me know how the swim meet is going. They text me when there is a lock down at their school or for any type of trouble. What I don't like is when I find my daughter up at 2 AM talking on her cell phone. Or hearing my son's cell phone ring in the middle of the night because one of his friends can't sleep. I absolutely hate cells in the classroom and would have a hard time with them if I were a middle or high school teacher. My neice has a cell with limited calling capability. She can only call certain numbers. These are great for younger kids in case of emergency. Some of the kids in my own class have them as well (I teach 2nd grade) and their mothers work. I think that cell phones are almost a necessity. There are some instances where they are not. Texting has become so popular that even I am doing it. Dangerous when teenagers are texting and driving or anything else that requires concentration. I think in the end, we will be teaching common courtesy and manners in relationship to cell phones. I absolutely hate hearing someone talking to their ex about their children at school events, and those annoying people who talk in their loudest voice in public on their cell, or obvious fights. I find it rude when you are in line to pay a checker and are trying to talk on the cell at the same time. I also abhor checkers who talk on their cell while taking your money. Whatever happened to customer service? I do feel a sense of comfort knowing that my kids are only a phone call away no matter where we all are during the day. I also use it for emergencies. I have been in situations where I encountered small kids running away from home, a 2 year old running down a busy street with no parents in sight, and young children being chased by dogs - all requiring instant calls to 911. Cell phones have their place.

  34. Susan,

    I heartily agree that a cell phone is a privilege not the supposed right.
    Shawn is on our family plan, and we had trouble at the beginning. He had no concept of the cost, until the 400.00 bill arrived and I refused to pay the extra. He had to come up with nearly three hundred dollars for this. He quickly learned to watch--plus we changed plans to the text, pics etc. was included. He has become much more attentive to his finances, since he now pays his part of insurance and phone bill. We are discussing his part of the food, heat/air, mortgage etc. He knows he has it made living at home.


  35. We got our cell phone long ago when they came as bag phones attached to cords, etc. (wow, that's ancient!) :) Our primary purpose was for emergency use in the car and long distance.

    I don't think I could live without my cell phone now. It is the primary way I communicate with my family.

    Our children are too young to worry about cell phone privileges at this time. But, when they are old enough, they will use them the same way they use the television in our house - by permission only.

    Cell phones should be used as a tool, not a toy. If they are treated that way, they will be less likely to be abused.

  36. Loved the blog post. It looks like it brought on a lot of discussions! How do you handle kids who are always dropping the phone and breaking it, getting it dropped in a pool and loosing it. ARUGH! I have it so I can keep in touch with them yet they aren't responsible to take care of it. It has back fired on us! help!!!

  37. I Agree with all of the above. A cellphone is definitely a privilege. It can and should be taken away by your parent or guardian if you use it wrongly or you use it to much. I am shocked that second and third graders get cellphones. If they have it so their parents know were their kids are then thats fine but if they have one just to have one it seems really silly. The parent should make the rules because they are the ones paying for it. I agree strongly on only answer people in your caller ID. If it is someone you know they will likely leave a message. Unlimited texting is great because then you don't have to worry if you go over board. It does not help spelling but it's definitely quicker then calling. Thanks for posting this! :)

  38. Our son is 10 and currently has no need for a cell phone. When the need arises, we will consider getting him one. My nieces both have them. One goes in CYF weekends at says at churches where she would not be able to make long distant calls. This way she can keep in touch with her mom while she is gone, I get that. My other niece walks home for school. She can use it in case of emergency. I get that. My son just has none of those types of needs at the moment.
    I am not sure how I will feel about texting when the time rolls around. My husband and I both have cell phones, but neither of us text. I will say, that if we had blackberries I am quite sure I would use the internet often!
    I cannot comment without stating that I DETEST when kids use their cell phones to text while watching a moive at the movie theater! UGH!

  39. Unfortunately, while I am highly literate, that skill does not translate well into computer operation. In a nutshell, while any teenager can log on to your blog page, I can not determine how to do so. Accordingly, I will say here that I concur with your rules for cell phone use, and I would not approve of any parent assuming that their child possesses any right not essential to their welfare or granted by the parent, the which does not include having a cell phone. Nothing is more pathetic than observing a child texting at lightning speed "wt u got i m gong to c u ther" when they cannot write a coherent sentence with pen and paper.
    12:15am · See Wall-to-Wall via facebook

  40. I say if they can afford the phone they can have the responsibility. So that translates into 17 and up. My kids can join our phone plan to save them money but they have to pay it themselves. If they don't pay they loose their phone. So it isnt a right but if they can pay they have a right to get one. Twist on your words.
    Anyhow it looks like that link is cheaper than adding them on to my line. I'll have my son look into it.
    thanks for your article.

  41. Lesley Huff (Shakleemama)Tue Mar 31, 09:08:00 AM 2009

    I have mixed emotions on this subject. On the one hand it is a great way to keep connected to kids &grandkids. Also great way for them to keep connected to us, especially in scary times BUT it becomes a problem when they ONLY want to talk on the phone with their friends and lose that "face to face" connection with family.

  42. I guess this is all relative and depends on the child's age. My girls go to Catholic school and many of the 9 and 10 year olds have cell phones. I just don't think it is necessary for a child at that age to have one. I think it can cause more trouble than what it's worth. In fact, one girl in my daughter's class received a picture over her cell phone from an older student at the school of a dead bloody baby. Nice.
    I just think that we are letting the phones take over the responsibility of taking care of our children. I guess I am considered an overprotective parent but I stay with my daughter during practices and other events. It's just too easy for someone nowadays to do harm.
    Also, what happened to the regular phone? Can't the kids use a landline like I did growing up? Can't they get yelled at for being on too long and then made to come out to see the light of day and spend time with the family? I'm too old fashioned for my own good!
    But if you must... you had excellent guidelines! I love your blog!

  43. As a kid, I would have to agree on this. It feels nice to know that your parents care and want to make sure you're using your phone rightly. I also agree that my Parents pay for my phone, so I should respect their rules without complaining. Nice blog, thanks for posting.

  44. Roxie!
    Thanks for sharing your experience with us! I'm happy that the article helped! Keep in touch and let me know how it is going! LMK if you try one of those Kajeet phones!

  45. Traci and Pam!
    Thanks for your comments! It is great to hear that some kids and or parents aren't into cell phones. I say if you don't need it then great for you! Pam I like the point where you said a lot of places have landline phones for you to use. I do think you are thinking ahead and knowing that if it comes up in the future you want your boys to "pony up" the money. Hey where does that phrase come from? Anyhow I like the Kajeet function as a GPS. Did you see that function? Pretty cool!

  46. We are That Family--appreciate your comments even though your kiddos are too small to have a phone! I never liked sending txt messages until my dh and I got new phones. I use it to send tweets and facebook updates when i'm away from my pc. Just for fun!!

  47. Hi Linda! Great point made. I haven't done any research or read any research on this so i'm not very informed. Thanks for the food for thought!

  48. dh told my dd13 that she wasn't get a cell phone until she needed one, right now she doesn't NEED one. she uses mine when needed lilmommax4

  49. I agree! I don't understand why they don't make cell phones waterproof. I've dropped one in the toilet and dh got his wet in the rain. Dd got wet on the table. All needed new batteries and or phones! So I can't yell at my DD bc her parents did the same. So my point is be fair. If you get them a phone you have to be responsible too! haha Thanks! I told my sister about Kajeet. She had a 10 year old who "needs" a phone. Oh brother.

  50. Hi all,
    I did not get what kind of comments were expected here - probably because my view of "kids and cell phones" is so entirely different. Please do yourself a favor prior to deciding whether you should consider it a right or a luxury, read this book "Cell Phones, Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age". It is written by Dr. George Carlo who is THE scientist who has been hired by the cell phone industry to study the safety of wireless devices. His findings on the dangers posed by the cell phones included disrupting pacemakers (that one was relatively easy to correct and therefore not so much silenced by mass media), PENETRATING THE DEVELOPING SKULLS OF CHILDREN, compromising the blood-brain barrier, inflicting genetic damage known to be a diagnostic marker of cancer... And of course his research funds have been subsequently withdrawn, and his findings discredited, and all this is described in this fascinating book (which doubles as an excellent PR-in-case-of-trouble manual).
    And here we are commenting on ...what?

  51. Interesting discussion. I agree with you!
    I'm also glad I don't have to think about that one just yet. :)

  52. I agree. My kid doesn't have one, never had one, and will only get it when
    she needs it. The health issues have been researched thoroughly and
    discussed in Europe for years.

  53. OK - My two oldest have cell phones and they are ages 14 and 20. They both got them when they began High School. They attend a Lutheran High School - 26 miles away - and I must admit it is handy for carpooling, activity/sports pick-up, etc.... I agree that they are a privilege not a right. If they need to reach me, the school has a land line and most of their friends have phones. That being said, I have found it gives me some great leverage and I have taken the phones away on occasion, and they seem to be highly motivated to get them back. I also find that there are situations in which they are much more likely to text me than call me. In addition to some of the rules you posted, we have a policy that they are required to answer if and I call or text ASAP, and they must follow school policy and leave phones in locker during class. Great post, interesting bane or blessing?

  54. It isn't easy to take the phone away for punishment when the cell has become our home phone. So if he gets the phone taken away he knows that it is serious. My problem is that he lets his friends use the phone. I have a big problem with this. I appreciate your points. thanks

  55. Liked it. I've always told R&R that the cell phones are tools, not toys, on my budget.

    The safety tips are good.

  56. I love the Kajeet phone with the GPS. Is that on all phones? I'm pretty ignorant about all of this. My son is 10 and I would consider getting that phone with the GPS. He isn't always with me on sports trips, field trips,etc. I"m getting so paranoid these days. Thanks for the tips. So much to think about.

  57. Excellent tips for kids and cell phones, I'll be sure to refer to this in my time of need!

  58. We have to admit, it’s the digital age and cellphones are here to stay. There are LOTS of benefit cellphones bring, one is assurance to each and every mother/father that their child is safe and is not in harm’s way. I recently got my 8-year-old son his own mobile phone from Just5 and so far I’m happy with it, it has this great feature at the back, an SOS button that he can press when he is in some kind of emergency and I would know right away. Talk about innovation huh? As simple as that makes me have a peace of mind that my child is safe all the time. You can check it out for yourself:


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