The Party Has STARTED

I"m fairly new into the WORLD OF BLOGGING and TWEETING! That is how I met up with these wonderful ladies! Join my blog and add me to your tweet. Can't wait to meet new blog and tweetin' friends!
We are a homeschool family! I have 3 daughters ages 14, 14 and 10. It is our 3rd year. This blog is a place for me to put my fav links. If you are a homeschool family or another educator please comment and lmk about your blog and links! I really want to find more hs/educator friends.

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

This Party is HUGE. It runs from March 20th - 27th.

This year they added three UBP "In Real Life" parties in NY, LA and Nashville. We'll be live streaming exclusive performances by Chris Mann, Leslie Mills and Diane Birch.

It is the mom blogging event of the year —Get all the details here. Then, grab the button code and invite your friends. Yes, there are PRIZES! (That is how you know it is a real blog party)

So many cool ones to choose from! I promise next year to add something crafty from Susie's Cafe! I'm just getting started.

See you there! Susieqtpie
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