Make Your Own Pizza for Kids

My girls LOVE to make their own pizza! This tradition goes back to toddler times of making english muffin pizzas. Then, it evolved into tortilla shell pizzas over the years. Finally, we have moved on to forming the dough into pizza shape and adding special toppings. Pizza is very important to this household. We share our tradition during sleepovers, homeschool lunches and youth group dinners. I do see a change coming in the near future! We want to make our own dough.
Since this post went live in 2009 we do make our own homemade pizza crust and love trying different varieties.

MYOP (Make your own Pizza)


You can't have a pizza without the crust. I just eat the toppings at times but you still need to bake it on the crust! Right now we go super quick and use Pilsbury pre packaged pizza dough. We just open up a can and break it into 4 parts. Each person then forms the crust to their liking! Thick or thin - up to them. (We plan on experimenting with home made doughs again. We are looking for a crispy crust, tossed crust and deep dish doughs so please share)


They say the secret is in the sauce. We have no secret for these MYOP. They like plain and simple can tomato sauce. We have the sauce people and the no sauce people.
I set out garlic powder, italian seasonings, basil, fresh chopped garlic, etc. They experiment with the spices. EVOL - Extra Virgin Olive Oil is also used. Some like to add it to the baking pan and put dough on top and then add more EVOL.


Can you say smorgasboard? Fresh mushrooms, canned mushrooms, pepperoni, veggie sausage, ham, black and green olives, pineapple,chicken, fresh garlic, onions, green pepper, jalapeno peppers, etc. It is FUN when the children bring their favorite topping! Very seldom do we get repeat toppings! I would love to have an adult MYOP party! Bet the toppings would be really really fun!
DON'T forget about CHEESE! Parmesan and Mozzarella are the cheeses the children want!

BAKE at 375 for 10-15 min. Just watch for it to get bubbly and toasty and take it out! I let them use a pizza cutter and or scissors! They love cutting it their way!

I always have leftover toppings. I store them in labeled freezer bags.

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