Candy Sushi anyone?

This was so much fun to make! Our Girl Scouts were celebrating "World Thinking Day" together.
Each troop had to pick a country. Emily's troop
picked Japan. We decided to make candy sushi for the food samples at the booth.

First you need to melt
2 tbsp butter and 2 c. marsmallows. Then add in 3 c. Rice Krispies.
Then pour out onto wax paper lined cookie sheet. Smash down. You will not fill up the entire pan. Only cook this small amount so it stays warm and easy to roll up with the candy.

Time to add in the fun!
You can use Twizlers (colorful), gummy worms, swedish fish, pop rocks,etc. We also used Wilton green icing.

Lay out a row of candy.

Next step is to roll it up like a
Maki (a cut roll)sushi. This is easy.
This pan will make 3 maki sus
hi rolls. We used sushi bamboo mats. It is not necessary to use them for candy sushi.

Next step is to slice these into pieces of sushi. We used a serrated bread knife.
You can also roll fruit roll-ups or fruit leather around them. IF you add the fruit then you slice after that!

We also made nigiri sushi rolls. You roll the rice krispies into tiny rectangle rolls. Then add dried fruit (apricots) or swedish fish on top!

We made 3 batches of krispies. This made well over 100 pieces.

They loved them and we had fun!


  1. That is sooo creative! Wow, candy sushi!

  2. LOL, this is great! Might be a fun introduction to sushi (one of my favorite foods).

  3. Wow! They really do look like sushi! How fun!

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!



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