Caffeinated Randomness Friday
Ultimate Blog Party 2009

My Caffeinated Randomness Friday is dedicated to blog giveaways that I won for the month of March. I would call it March Madness. I'm not usually one known to win things. So winning has proven to be fun and educational! I never knew that there were such blogs that offered giveaways. The giveaway always includes a product review. I didn't know that there were blogs that linked you to free samples and coupons! How amazing to find out that there are women who do all the hard work of getting freebies from companies to give them away! I found out all of this because of TWITTER. If you are on twitter you can follow me at susieqtpie. If you haven't signed up then follow the link and add me as your friend! I have been asked to do a few product reviews and giveaways on my blog! So stay tuned for that!

Did you know that blogs have Parties??? YES they do! You can chat on tweetdeck or watch live video stream! I've had the pleasure of doing that this month too! Tonight is the last night of the Ultimate Blog Party! Go and check it out!!!

My first blog win came from Resourceful Mommy. She hosted a #11Walmart Moms Twilight Party on Twitter! It was crazy fun answer questions back and forth on Twitter. So I was one of the Twilight Party Pack winners! FedEx delivered my box of goodies! Filled with popcorn, chips, candy and Twilight Walmart Gift Card to purchase the movie! So after winning the Twilight pack I decided to enter some giveaways. I won this Honey Kix Cereal Giveaway by MOMMY VENTS. This was as simple as making a comment about my favorite cereal. It was a random drawing. It included a coupon for a free box of Honey Kix Cereal, two cereal bowls and little honey pot, as well as a container to store cereal, and the travel cereal bowl (has a place to keep milk separate and cool) !!!

The other giveaway was educational! I won a Thinkwell Math or Science Online Course from the Choosy Homeschooler blog. We picked the Chemistry AP class. To win you just needed to register for the Choosy Homeschooler Newsletter.

So I challenge you to go to the Ultimate Blog Party and check out the blogs giving away goodies!!!!! Great way to meet some cool moms like me! haha


  1. yea !!! it is always fun to get a little surprise in the mail !!!

  2. YES it sure is! Thanks for having the giveaway!

  3. Fun prizes! I won the Twilight Book and some chocolate--I'm in the middle of it now. It's good reading! I'll be back to your blog--it's so great to meet a fellow LCMS wife.

  4. Yay for you!! It's fun winning giveaways! I sort of won one a couple of weeks ago - my friend won, but passed it on to me because I never win and she felt sorry for me. I'll take it! :P

  5. Yes winning is fun! Blogs are a great wealth of knowledge among us moms. I'm getting ready to do my first review and give away, it'll be a "sweet" prize ;)


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