Ovaltine is great hot and cold!

Are you or your kids chocolate milk fans? I'm the occasional chocolate milk fan. If I'm going to have chocolate milk, I'm going all out and get the whole milk, pre-made chocolate milk from our local Farm Fresh store.  I will have a glass once or twice a year just because it it too high in fat for me to drink.  For my kids and husband, they would drink chocolate milk three times a day if they had their way. What about your household?

My favorite way at home to have a chocolate drink is to add rich, chocolaty Ovaltine to my hot cup of coffee. I'm a huge coffee fan! I do not like my coffee black.  I always add a little something to my coffee.  When I need a chocolate kick I add 4 Tbsp of Ovaltine (80 calories) to my cup of coffee and then just 1-2 tsp of milk or creamer.  This is a cheap luxury! The warm chocolaty coffee relaxes me and gives me immediate comfort.
Now when it comes to my children and husband, they love adding their Ovaltine to a cold glass of milk! They, again, could drink this at least 3 times a day and then in between for a snack! We homeschool so they could get in 5 glasses a day *if I let them* which I do *not*. haha

Now why not? You are probably thinking that chocolate milk is just adding pure sugar to their milk!  Well it is with some products but not with Ovaltine.  For us, using Ovaltine is like drinking a glass full of extra vitamins & minerals.  I'm not sure that the husband or children really realize what is in Ovaltine.  Besides getting calcium, Vitamin D, etc from the milk they are also getting 12 extra vitamins & minerals just from adding in Ovaltine.  It is an excellent source of Vitamin E & Iron and a good source of Vitamins A & C.  

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I am involved in a Nestle Ovaltine  blogging program. I have been given compensation to work with them.  My opinions are my own tasty words and thoughts! Buy the product and form your own opinions! Share them with me, too!
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