Top 10 ways to incorporate FUN in your child's daily activities!

Today is Tuesday Top 5 plus Tuesday Top 5 to give us TUESDAY TOP 10!!!!!
The word "CHORES" never includes the words "PLAY" or "FUN" to  you or your kids!  Really? Is that true for you??  If you asked your kids would that say that is true for them, too???  For shame!!! Time to kick up your child's daily activities and put the words "play and fun" into them! 
Here are my top 10 ways to help you put fun and play into daily activities!

1) Whistle why you work!  Ok that is trite but still it does work! Try telling someone to whistle while they are washing the dishes.  It will immediately take their mind off of the chore at hand!

2) Beat your time!  Keep a chart of the chore that they have to do on a regular basis.  Mark the time that it takes them to do the chore.  Record the time each time they complete the task! They will strive to beat their time to work quicker!

3) Compete with others! Now this always puts some fun into chores! Kids love competiting against one another and it will make their time fly by! We did this with sticks in the  yard.  I told them to go pick up sticks! The person with the most picked up would win some cash!

4) Brushing teeth is sooooo boring??? Oh I've heard of this one, too! Pick a favorite song and have them sing it in "their head" while they brush their teeth.  It makes it fun and it will go by quickly!

5) Picking up toys at the end of the day is BORING? Duh of course it is! So turn on some music and jam to the tunes! This always makes pick up time FUN!

6) Set the table for dinner? BORING!  Not anymore! Have them imagine that they are setting the table for someone famous! This is fun.  Have them actual set the table with an extra setting for that special person.  Pretend that he/she is actually there at the table! Before you know it the table will be set, dinner will be fun and clean up will be over before you know it!

7) Struggle to get ready in the morning for school???  School would be more fun if we didn't have to go through the morning routine! Give them independence! Let them pick out an alarm clock and train them to set it and wake up to it! Believe it or not, it is FUN to go pick out the clock and learn to be responsible!

8) Make the bed! BORING!  Time to make it crazy!  Do the crazy bed game!  Yell out switch and have everyone go make a different bed! This is crazy fun! I always think that the beds look better when someone else makes it!

9) Take care of your pet!  This routine gets old quick!  I like to have them pretend that their pet is a character from one of their favorite books.  This is a crack up! I love this.

10) Lost toy store- When toys, shoes, pencils,etc aren't picked up I collect them in a basket.  The only way to get them back is to pay the store.  It is fun putting someone in charge of the store.  They love it when their brother or sister has to come pay them for their goods.  Believe it or not, everyone loves to play the store keeper!  No one wants to pay for their goods so eventually they keep things picked up!

How about that? Are those some good tips to put more "FUN AND PLAY" into daily activities?  Yes I think so!  How about you? What type of things do you do to add some fun into daily activities??  Have you heard about "The HUB?"  

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  1. You've got some great ideas for making everyday stuff fun for your kids. Well done. It can be a challenge at times, but some things just need to be done, and you've encouraged your kids to enjoy chores as well.

    Well done, excellent post.

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