Tips to help protect your family from the flu season

Tis the season for the flu! How do you know this? Every store has "get your flu shot" NOW signs posted as you walk in, at the register and in the dairy section.   This time last year everyone was in a panic over the up and coming flu season threat yet the season turned out to be less of a threat!  How did this happen?  I'm thinking that the wide spread vaccination with the H1N1 vaccine did help along with other preventative steps.  So what steps did you take?  Here are a few of our tips!

Tips to help protect your family from the flu
1) Kleenex, kleenex and more kleenex.  Get everyone in your home their own box! That way no one is running around the house spreading their germs while looking for a kleenex box. Put travel size boxes in purses, backpacks, car,etc.

2) Make sure each box of kleenex has a trash bag near! The gross, used kleenex has to go somewhere! 

3) Wash hands!  Pick a song and sing it while you wash your hands.  Wash every time you touch your nose or mouth! Shake hands with someone who is sneezing and coughing? Go wash your hands or use a pocket hand sanitizer!

4) Rest!  Plan for some down time every day! Your body needs to get rest daily! If you don't rest your body is more prone to illness.
 5) SNEEZE in your sleeve or kleenex!  This is a nice way to prevent germs on your hands to reach others.  

6) Chicken garlic soup! Really this does help!  Feel a cold coming on? Make a huge pot of soup!  Freeze it in individual servings for pull it out as needed!  
 7) Make to-go baggies!  One of our church members did this last year.  She placed kleenex and hand sanitizer in a baggie.  Once you use a kleenex then you have a place to put the yucky one until you can get to a trash can.  Then sanitize your hands!  Love it!

8) Talk to your Doctor! See if you should get a flu vaccine. In some cases they are not recommended.  

9) Have a fever? STAY HOME! This should be common sense but it is NOT! If you have a fever you can spread what you have to others! You care also more vulnerable to pick up something else if you are running a fever! Stay home and rest.

10) See what the experts are saying!  The CDC has some facts and tips for you:

• Everyone 6 months of age and older is recommended to be vaccinated against the flu.

• The flu vaccine provides protection that lasts through the flu season.

• The flu vaccine is updated each season to protect against the three flu viruses that research indicates will cause the most illness.

• You need to get the 2010-11 seasonal flu vaccine even if you got the 2009 H1N1 flu vaccine last season.

• If you or your kids do not like shots, the flu vaccine is also available in mist form. For more information on this, ask your doctor or visit

What do you think about those tips?  Last season my family was pretty healthy.   In my opinion, every little bit helps! Start protecting your family now! Share some tips with me.  I wrote this blog post while participating in a TwitterMoms blogging program for which I may receive a small thank you (valued at less than $20).  For more information on how you can participate, click here.”

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  1. #9 -- EXACTLY! I work at a school and I think a lot of people would astonished at the number of parents who knowingly send their children to school with a fever and tell them to stick it out as long as they can. "As long as they can" is enough time to infect an entire classroom full of kids!


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