Gooseberry Patch Recipe Giveaway!

 I'm a huge Gooseberry Patch Fan! When I think of Gooseberry Patch, I think comfort!  Good old American comfort! They have been giving away free down loadable chapters as they reach certain FAN GOALS on Facebook!  When they reached 40,000 they gave out the chapter of 25 Chocolate Chips Cookies. (See below) The next 25 recipes will be MEATLOAF!  What a perfect time of the year to get the oven going and make a pan of meatloaf!  I can't imagine 25 new recipes for this tasty dish!   They have almost 44,000 fans! This chapter will be given out at 50,000 fans!!!  So go to their page and suggest all your friends to fan them!
 25 Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes by Gooseberry Patch                                                                
I've  posted this because I'm a fan of Gooseberry Patch. I wasn't compensated to do it!


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