Not your grannies Pie Crust!

Here is a pie crust that is not your grannies but it can be yours. Try out this time tested recipe.
 Thanks to my guest chef, Jenn, she is sharing with us her tasty pie crust that holds up  in a Chicken pot pie (Click to get the recipe)
For those that wonder what I do for my crust, whether I purchase it or make it in the kitchen. Here it is, I make it. Though I made my grandmother's recipe for years, I have now abandoned it for something that doesn't fall apart. Instead I use the recipe from Cooks Illustrated. I did switch up a bit on theirs to make it more my own. 

Pie Crust
2 1/2 cups flour
1/2 tsp salt (I use less than what is called for, with the salt from the pie to the salt in the crust, has a tendency to get too salty)
1 Tbsp. sugar (also less than called for, looking for savory instead of sweet 2tbs for sweeter)
12 Tbsp. cold butter- unsalted (margarine will NOT work)
1/2 cup Crisco 
1/4 cup cold vodka (use a grade higher than Smirnoff, it does add a sort of flavor to the crust )
1/4 cup cold water 
*Process 1 1/2 cup flour, salt, & sugar in food processor, until combined. Add butter & Crisco and process till combined and looks like cottage cheese. Scrape down sides and add remaining flour. Pulse till combined. Scrape into a bowl for next step.

*Pour in the vodka, mix. Then the water till slightly sticky. Divide into the amount that you are looking for. (2 large balls for a double pie crust or smaller ones for mini pies.) Cover with plastic wrap and put in refrigerator for about 1hr till firm again.

*After firm roll out and line pan. Don't forget that even with this recipe that you will still need to lightly flour the board lightly so that it won't stick.

*Enjoy the fruits of your labor after you bake it.

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