Do you send personalized Christmas Cards?

Jingle Bells! Tis the season to to start planning your up and coming Christmas Card.  What type of cards do you usually send? Christmas? New  Year?  Do you send personalized holiday cards?  I just found out about PurpleTrail and how they take the chore out of planning and sending Christmas Cards.

PurpleTrail offers a wide variety of beautiful template so you can send personalized holiday cards to family and friends.  It is as easy as picking a design, writing your message and placing your order.  You can print them, email them or have them sent via postal mail! Their design center makes it easy to change the templates text, font, size and add different images/photos.

IT only took me a few minutes, using one of their templates to change the message and add my own signature line!  Then I was able to save the card for my own use!  Check down at the bottom of the post to see my card to you!!! Again, this was a simple one, no photos! I did upload some with photos to try out, too! Very easy!!!
Happy Holidays!
Here are a few of my suggestions for Christmas cards:

1) Each year take a picture of your children in front of the Christmas tree.  Do it as early as possible and then use PurpleTrail to make a beautiful photo card to mail to your family and friends.

2) Make a family newsletter and take turns each year letting someone be the reporter.  Tell what has been happening in your home over the past year using the reporters words!  This will be a fun tradition and give friends and family something to look forward to!  Another newsletter idea would be to take a photo for each month of the  year and then include an update on what happened that  month.

3) If you have pets include them in the family photo to be mailed out!  If you don't have kids then just have pictures of your pets! Share your love of your pets with your friends and family.

4)  We take Fall photos every year and I love including them as photo gifts to family and friends.  Have prints made and include them with your personalized card.

5) Do you have a little artist in your family?  Take a piece of art work and make that your Christmas card! You can take a picture of it and upload it to use as the background of your family card.

So are you now thinking "Christmas Cards?"  I know I am!  I love how you can send these in email! Just think about all the money you will save!!!  Check out PurpleTrail and see if they have a template to get you started!  Click here to see my card to you!  

I am participating in a giveaway for  to be eligible for a PurpleTrail gift code to make my own personalize holiday cards.  Want to join in? Check out for more info! 

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  1. Thank you for stopping by over at The Village Hearth, Susie!

    I honestly hadn't started thinking about holiday cards, yet, but these are wonderful ideas that I'll definitely have to take into consideration. Thanks for sharing them!


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