Gooseberry Patch Homemade Christmas eBook review

Homemade Christmas: Tried & true recipes, heartwarming memories and easy ideas for savoring the best of Christmas.

I just purchased the Gooseberry Patch Homemade Christmas eBook on Nook.  I love the fact that you can have cookbooks on your hand held e-reader and access to it on your computer.   I use to have an insane cookbook collection.  This collection was wiped out when Hurricane Katrina zoomed through my house!  The worse part of this for me was the fact that I lost handwritten recipes and notes written in cookbooks that can never be replaced.  I'm finding that since then, 5 years later, I'm very picky with which cookbooks I purchase.  So now you can see why I'm loving having access to recipes on my laptop!  They are easy to access and you can take them wherever you go. 

Barnes and Noble just released 5 of their cookbook on e-reader.  I hope you go check them out!  $10 for a Gooseberry Cookbook is a deal!  Their cookbooks are worth collecting in e-reader or book form!

Here is my review on the eBook:

The first Chapter of this book is full of Christmas Memories and Traditions from Gooseberry Patch family and friends. Some seem similar to mine and yet many others gave me ideas on new traditions that I would like to start with my girls. I love all the fun tips that are sprinkled amongst the recipes! 

Recipe Chapters: 

*Brunch- Oh wow I want to make the apple pancake syrup & Amish Hashbrowns. 

*Simmering Soups and More- Top of my list-Curried Pumpkin Bisque, Connie's Pretzel Buns and Let-it-Snow Cocoa using the crock-pot. 

*Warm Welcoming Suppers- Love these: Speedy Skillet Pecan Rice & Speedy Chinese Noodles- they had me at SPEEDY! 

*Farmhouse Christmas Dinners- Feliz Navidad Casserole and Homemade crescent rolls. I've always wanted to try and make crescent rolls! 

*Old Fashioned Desserts- New pies for me to try! Pumpkin Ice Cream pie and Creamy Egg nog pie. 

*Cookie Jar Classics- Classic category but some new recipes for me to try like Mom's Waffle cookies & Almond Butter cookies. 

*Homemade Sweets to Share- Ok I'm all for these fun ones! Peanut Butter Crunch Candy and Snowy Trail Mix! These are gonna rock my Christmas Open House! 

*Gathering with Friends- More new finds! I am going to use the Mississippi Fun Dip for my Christmas Open house, too! 

*Handmade from the Heart- Love the cozy patchwork scarf idea and stain glass votives!

I'm on the search for FRESH ideas for the up and coming Christmas Season! This book is just what I was looking for to get me started! I'm never disappointed with Gooseberry Patch! I love having this available to me on eBooks!  You can purchase this in book form, too! 

How about you? Are you thinking Christmas yet?  What are your favorite Christmas cookbooks?  Have you purchased any as an eReader?  I'd love to know!

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  1. Everything sounds tasty! Makes me wish I had a great big oven!


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