Toxic Waste Halloween Drink Recipe

Ready for some Zombie Themed Food ideas? Here are tasty recipes including tasty halloween recipes for you to check out. This is our famous toxic waste punch recipe!  This punch will have everyone standing around the punch bowl! They will be discussing what is in what is FLOATING in it...and talk about how gross it looks but it is soooo TASTY! TRY it if you DARE! 

toxic waste punch


1 can of Pineapple Juice
2 Liter bottle Mountain Dew
1 Liter Fresca (can  use Sprite)
1/2 carton Lime Sherbet
1 bag frozen berries
Misc. body parts

Pour in chilled juice/sodas into punch bowl. Right before serving the punch toss in frozen berries and scoop in sherbet.  Toss in body parts.  (I boiled hot water and washed the plastic pieces for about 5 minutes the day before)

This punch is really tasty.  Depending on the size of your punch bowl add more or less.  We doubled the recipe above and it served a crowd of over 40 who drank it all! I found a jelly face that I added, too. You can see it in the below photo. It stayed jelly the entire time.  
toxic waste punch

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