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 Happy Wednesday! Today is our Game Link up! If you are participating in the Million Minute Family Challenge (click to get more info), link up your site!  Link up any game reviews, products and giveaways related to games:
Family FLUXX Ever Changing Family Card Game Patch Products Perfect Sense - Riddles That Make Sense

   This past week, our total game minutes played is up to 7882.  We are still in the top 10 which is amazing.  Here are some of the games we played this week:
Do you ever eat at Wendy's? Their kid's meal is offering  5 different Patch Product games.  Our closes Wendy's is 45 minutes away from our home.  Yesterday we finally made it over to Wendy's and my daughter got "Perfect Sense" game with her kid's meal.   Inside the game box you also get a FREE Game offer from Patch Products!  That is an extra bonus I plan on taking advantage of with the up and coming Holidays!
This mini version of Perfect Sense is easy to play.  The game is all about your senses.  Each card gives you 5 riddles, each one related to a sense (You know see, touch, smell, hear and taste) that all relates to one answer. The goal is to answer the riddle the quickest.  You can play with someone or by yourself.  My daughter loves riddles so this game will quickly become her new best friend!  This is going to be one of the games that I purchase with the coupon offer in the box.  Thanks Patch and Wendy's for providing a fun, family game in the kid meal bag!

What are you playing??? We would love to know!   Here are some links to game giveaways:
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