Oreo Cake Balls Recipe - Can you eat just one?

Do you really think that you could just eat ONE of these? If so then you are a better person than I! My girls know that  these will no longer be made at "SusieQTpies Cafe" by me!  I've banned them from my kitchen!

Of course this isn't true but they should be illegal.  I've made a few different cake balls but these by far are the easiest and most deadly!  They truly melt in your mouth.

Oreo Cake Balls (Happy 100th Birthday Oreo 3/6/12)

1 pkg. Oreo cookies
3/4-1 pkg cream cheese, soften to room temp.
1 pkg. white almond bark

*Finely crush the entire Oreos.  Put aside 1/3 cup and the rest goes in a large mixing bowl. 
(Instead of topping with the crushed oreos you can also top with colorful sprinkles)

*Drop in 3/4 of the cream cheese brick and mix well.   The mixing does best if you put on disposable kitchen gloves and mix with your hands.  If you don't feel that the mixture is wet enough, use more cream cheese.  The first time I made these I used all the cream cheese.  I feel the best texture is a little less... approx. 3/4 of the brick.  These need to roll up into balls.  So do a test and if you think it keeps the ball shape then you have enough cream cheese.  
* Roll into equal bite-sized shaped balls. Put them on a cookie sheet or container that will fit in your freezer.  You might need to use 2 containers.  I keep them close but not touching.  If you want to skip the freezer step then at least put them in the fridge so they chill and don't fall apart when you dip them. 
*Freeze for 1-2 hours before dipping in melted chocolate. I stick a toothpick in each ball right before dipping.  Once I put the dipped cake ball on the pan I pull out the toothpick.  Sometimes it doesn't come right out so I use another toothpick to help guide it out. (click here to see photos of dipping the cake balls)
*Melt chocolate in the microwave or in a little electric melting pot.  I only melt 1/4-1/2 pkg at a time so it doesn't harden while I'm dipping.  Over the coarse of dipping, you can rewarm and melt more in the same container.  Sometimes, if needed, I'll add no more than 1 Tbsp of cooking oil over the coarse of the entire bar of almond bark to keep it smooth.  For this one batch you probably will only use about 1/4 of the bar but you always have to melt more than what is needed so you have enough to dip.

*As you finish dipping, put each one on a aluminum foil lined pan.  This will allow the cake balls to come off easily when dried.  Top each ball with a little bit of Oreo after you put on pan.  

Here are a few photos.  If you have any questions on these, don't hesitate to ask.  If you have made some of these or any other flavor of cake balls then link them up below!  
So do you think that you can stop at one?

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