Dewey's 24-Hour Read-a-thon Giveaway 19th hour!

 Welcome to the 19th hour *1-4am* CST Challenge!  This is the time to put down all your Fiction and grab a Non-Fiction book!  Over the course of the challenge please post what NF book you read or you are reading! 

I find that I neglect my NF books for the juicy spy romance thrillers! Shame shame! There are so many to read! 

Here is my challenge! I have a stack of NF that I plan on zooming through.  I'll share them in the comments!

GIVEAWAY: Box of Non-Fiction books!
MAIN ENTRY: Blog your non fiction reads and leave link or leave your comments below on what Non Fiction you are reading! 
Optional but I hope that you Follow my blog! All the ways are on the side bar. Leave a comment and tell me how you are following me and I will follow you back! I love finding new bloggers! I can't wait to read your comments and stop in and visit you!

So if you are just stopping in, you might want to know what is this mini-challenge for Dewey’s Read-A-Thon? Stop over at the link and check it out! You have to sign in there to be eligible for prizes here and there. 

This challenge will be open for entries (comments) for 3 hours.You must be signed up for Read-A-Thon to be eligible and follow my blog. After time is up, comments will close and a winner will be chosen using Random Integer Generator. The prize for this mini-challenge is a box of Non-Fiction!!  If I'm feeling really generous you might just get some chocolate, too!


  1. Anyone out there reading this morning????? hmmmmmm

  2. My non fiction challenge is The Keys To Good Cooking by Harold McGee. It is a guide to making the best of foods and recipes! I'm am participating in a book tour on this book for Oct.27th. IT IS HUGE and as much as I've wanted to start reading it, I haven't yet! Here is my teaser post...
    How do you add photos to your comments??


  3. I'm assuming the prize is not for international participants?

  4. My fourth book in the readathon was a non-fiction graphic/photographic book - "The Photographer" by Emmanuel Guibert. It was beautiful to look at and read. The book chronicled one photographer's trip into and out of Afghanistan in the 1980s.

    I have another non-fiction in my readathon pile ("The Devil's Details: A History of Footnotes" by Chuck Zerby). Sadly, as my eyelids are growing far too weary, I know I shant get to that one.

    Happy Reading to everyone!

  5. I'm going to put down my awesome novel and pick How I Write by Janet Evonovich back up. I think that's the only non-fiction book I have in my apartment that I can wrap my head around at this hour. Maybe I'm wrong, but something tells me that now is not the best time to read about the genius in all of us.

    And I'm following you with Google, name: SAO. Looking forward to reading your non-readathon posts!

  6. I've actually been reading non-fiction all night and will now be switching to something lighter for a few hours. My title, in honor of my championship team, has been "The Yankee Years" by Joe Torre and Tom Verducci. It's been delightful for this baseball-lovin' girl!

  7. I have three in nonfiction that I'm reading for readathon!

    1. In the President's Secret Service
    2. Robin Hood: the English Outlaw Unmasked
    3. Waiter Rant

    Actually, I just finished all three and I'm considering what to read next. Awesome idea to have a non-fiction element in the RaT. Thanks for hosting!

  8. Hey all! I would send the NF books anywhere veganmedusa!!! WHere you from? susie

  9. Meghan I LOVE photography books! I bet that is a neat one! The Devil's Details: A History of Footnotes" by Chuck Zerby... i've never head of this! Sounds really interesting!!!

  10. the first three books that i read were fiction, but i've just moved over to the non-fiction book, Under the Paw by Tom Cox.

    once i finish this one, if i still have time, i plan to read Maus II, which is also non-fiction.

    i'm excited about this challenge! i just shifted the focus of my blog over to non-fiction, so this is just perfectly timed. :)

  11. I've been reading The Daily Show and Philosophy. I may give A Brief History of Time a go later on - because sleep deprivation may actually assist my understanding of cosmology.

  12. Hey FakeSteph ... So Janey Evonovich wrote a NF on How I Write? How cool! Sounds like another book I need to pick up! 2 of my girls are interested in writing! I love some of her books btw.

    NO this isn't the hour to read books to make you smarter. I'm thinking I was pretty crazy to think I could concentrate on a NF book at this crazy hour!!!

  13. Great idea for a challenge.

    I am reading 'The Maeve Binchy Writer's Club'. As a writer I am finding it immensely humorous and helpful.

    I also have 'Wishful Thinking' by Carrie Fisher. This was a gift from my husband and more than likely, the next book I will read.

    Finally, I have 'Eat, Pray, Love.' This one was loaned to me by a friend. Not sure when I'll get to this one.

  14. Nolatari you must be a baseball fan! Hope that is a good book! I'm thinking it is hard to read NF at this time of the night. I need to go find a book of photography to look at like Meghan! haha

  15. I agree The Devil's Details sounds great.
    I'm from New Zealand, hence the question - a box of books would be horrendously expensive to post. But I'll take up the challenge because I'm bored with my current book anyway. I'm going to start The Weiser Field Guide to Cryptozoology by Deena West Budd.

  16. Oops, I mean 'Wishful Drinking' by Carrie Fisher. My tired brain is making typos. :)

  17. I read one print book thus far (I've been cheering!) and it was non-fiction, Gender Outlaws. I love non-fiction too, it's my "comfort genre."

  18. Hi Susan!!

    3 NF! Awesome! I've not heard of those! What is Waiter Rant
    Thanks for joining in!

  19. an NF blog! When I'm more awake I will come check it out. I plan on checking out all the blogs that everyone belongs too! It is so fun visiting everyone and meeting new peeps!

    Keep on reading!

  20. mer-duff.... thanks for stopping in!

    I will be totally impressed if you are able to read A Brief History of Time this late at night! Test the theory of sleep deprivation your understanding of cosmology. lol

  21. I {heart} nonfiction!

    e-mail: erin/at/fillingmypatchofsky/com

  22. Sheery....

    I've never read yet have heard of 'The Maeve Binchy Writer's Club'. I need to check that out at the library. 2 of my daughters are wanting to be writers! lol Maybe I could read it and give them some pointers.

    I'd love to know if 'Wishful Thinking' by Carrie Fisher is a good book.
    I never read 'Eat, Pray, Love. but saw the movie. I've never picked up the book. So is it NF then

  23. I've been working on two non-fiction books. I finished Fannie's Last Supper, which is a book about trying to recreate a 12-course Victorian dinner in the present day. It involved making gelatin out of hooves and frying brain balls. To continue the disgusting trend, I've also been reading Horsemen of the Esophagus, which is about competitive eating (which is a very, very strange world).

  24. Veganmedusa if you win I'll figure something out! It all depends on the size of the box! haha I never said how big the box! It might be a box 2inch by 2 inch and have reallllly tiny NF books! Ya never know!!!

  25. Sheery!!! OHHH ok Wishful DRINKING does sound like the title of a book by Carrie Fisher! My typing is horrible tonight!

  26. Cass thanks for being a cheerleader.

    You are the first person that I have met that has said that "Non-fiction" is their "comfort genre."

    Very cool! I can only say that if you put cookbooks in that genre of NF, which I do! lol

  27. Erin! Thanks for stopping in! I will come visit your blog when I'm awake! I feel like my head is full of cotton! You all are crazy being awake reading NF this hour! I'm having fun reading all your NF comments that my book is sitting here wondering if I'm going to open it! Will I fail my own challenge??? haha

  28. laurie!!!!! Oh my gosh your type of NF books are fun! I've never heard of Fannie's Last Supper! It sounds awesome! Really did you have to bring up the gelatin hooves? haha Or even brain balls! I made a Jello Brain mold for my kids Zombie party! It probably was tastier than that Victorian stuff. haha Ok sill question...are you going to make a 12 course Victorian dinner now?

  29. I'm going to go "read"...try to and be back at 2.... so 20 minutes. lol Good luck!

  30. My first book of the read a thon was I KNOW WHAT I AM BUT WHAT ARE YOU? by Samantha Bee - it is a memoir by the correspondent on the Daily Show. Essentially a series of humorous essays about events in her life. It was a fun way to kick-off the read a thon.

  31. I am absolutely not going cook a Victorian meal! The author wrote about the coal cookstove they had to use being so hot that the chef's polyester pants started melting!!!

    If you're interested in Fannie's Last Supper and are on Library Thing, it's an Early Reviewer book this month.

  32. I forgot to add, non-fiction is a sort of comfort genre for me too. I love well-written non-fiction books about odd people and places (obviously).

  33. Hiya! I've started following your blog, name's fickle fan =)

    Anyway, on to nonfiction reads! I loooove this! I'm actually drooling over Tony Blair's book but since it's only available in hardcover in my country, I think I'll wait a while before I would get it!

    For the readathon, I'm reading a copy of Belle de Jour: The Further Adventures of a London Call Girl

    I've finished her first book a few days back [review here: ]

    Outside of the readathon, I'm also reading an indie non-fiction book called the Lord of the Rams by Ronan Smith! Good fun! =)

  34. I'm still reading, and here's where I wrote about my nonfiction book:

    I'll continue to add to my comments as I read during the Readathon.

    My email address is:
    emerging DOT paradigm AT yahoo DOT com

  35. Booksnyc said...
    My first book of the read a thon was I KNOW WHAT I AM BUT WHAT ARE YOU? by Samantha Bee

    Good for you! What a way to kick of the readathon!!!

    Thanks for stopping in!!!

  36. Laurie that is awesome!!! I hope you take pictures of your meal! If so stop here and let me have you as guest chef! I'd love for you to share your experience!!

    I will have to check out the Library Thing earlier reader! That would be awesome to get the book. I haven't applied to get a book for a long time now from Early Reader. Thanks for the head up!!!

  37. I've put a post up about my non-fiction picks here.

    I'm now following you. Thanks for hosting this mini-challenge!

  38. I am currently reading my fifth book for the read-a-thon and it is RUNNING THE BOOKS by Avi Steinberg. It tells the story of an "accidental prison librarain". The book I have is an ARC will go on sale October 26, 2010. I am finding it very interesting. I've got about 80 pages left so I should finish it within the challenges time frame.

    Once I am finished I will post to my blog at I read all kinds of books and try to balance between both fiction and non-fiction. I like to think I learn a little something with every non-fiction book I read.

  39. Laurie...that is a great way to look at NF! "comfort well-written non-fiction books about odd people and places (obviously)."

    You gave me a new outlook on NF! Thanks

  40. fickle fan thanks so much for stopping in and following me! I promise, when I'm more awake, to hop over and check out your review and fan you back!

    Ok this is off topic but do you think Tony Blair is cute? haha I bet his book would be good! I always liked what I saw of him on the telly! lol

  41. I read J Maarten Troost's "Lost on Planet China" - Troost is probably the best travel writer around if you like some humor thrown in - after successfully navigating life in the islands of the South Pacific, Troost decides to take a look at China. Traveling to virtually every corner of the country in 2007, Troost gives some insight into the people and social life that is outside the mainstream.

  42. Bonnie Jacobs thanks for popping in and I can't wait to read what you wrote on your blog!!

    Thanks for stopping in!!! You wild reading woman!!!

  43. Just for you, and because I have had a proper nap already, I am opening a non-fiction book - The Black Swan by Nassem Taleb.
    I was half way through this before I started the readathon, and it is very serious and talks economics, so hadn't kept it as my readathon pile.

  44. Hey alisonwonderland!! Welcome to my wonderland! I can't wait to read your post! Thanks for the follow and I'll come follow you back!!

    U rock!

  45. Roseann (love the name btw) you have a great attitude this early in the morning or this late at night..." I like to think I learn a little something with every non-fiction book I read."

    Ok you all have convinced me to read more NF and not just have the piles stacked up but to read them!

    I'm curious about the RUNNING THE BOOKS and look forward to your review. I'll pop over at your blog later and have a look around!

    Thanks for stopping in!

  46. This challenge is perfect for my read-a-thon choices, because out of the 5 books I chose to read for this challenge, 3 are non-fiction.

    They are:
    The Skein and the Pair by Kathy Flanary Nelson
    This is about the lives of a gaggle of geese and a human couple

    Glimpsing God by Rachel Alkire
    Tragedies in the life of the author

    Oogy by Larry Levin
    A family adopts a dog who has had half his face tore off in a dog fighting ring

    A fourth, Miss Hildreth Wore Brown by Olivia deBelle Byrd is a semi non-fiction. Based on nf, it has been somewhat embellished.

    I'm a new GFC follower too!

  47. infogoddess that book sounds great. Now I do have to admit I love to read travel books, too! Again, I haven't read any lately bc I've been so wrapped up into Fiction. I'm glad I picked this challenge because now I want to read more NF.

    you all have inspired me!

  48. Deepali said...
    Just for you, and because I have had a proper nap already, I am opening a non-fiction book - The Black Swan by Nassem Taleb----

    SOOOO if you can read a book about economics at this time of the night- u must have had a great power nap...I'm totally impressed! I can barely type sentences here! lol

    I love the title..."The Black Swan"......

    Thanks for stopping in and joining the challenge!

  49. Hi Vicki!!

    Thanks for stopping in! By your avatar picture I can tell you that I have been to your blog before and love it! I'm honored that you stopped in and are following me!

    I haven't been over there in awhile so I will give you a visit.

    You picked some great NF to read! Good for you!!!

    Thanks for playing!

  50. Hi! Waiter Rant is written by the man who writes the Waiter Rant blog, and it's a nonfiction memoir about his years working as a waiter in New York. It's hilarious (and creepy in places, if you like to eat out, which I do...). I'll be reviewing it on my blog later in the week, but I definitely recommend it!

    Oh - and I also started reading "Packing for Mars: the Curious Science of Life in the Void" which is a really neat take on space travel and the odd things it does to people.

  51. I think i've replied to all who have stopped in so far! It is 2:19 here. So I started reading my book, KEYES TO GOOD COOKING--This is the science behind food. I love the style the author uses. I'm not sure but I think if I studied in Food Science I'm not sure if I would ever eat again.
    This book is NOT a cookbook. It is a book or a guide to help you navigate through the ever expanding universe of recipes and arrive at the promised land of a satisfying dish.
    Good time to read this book. It is a bit technical but not overwhelming.
    Ok I'm off to read. I'll report back in at 3am! (30 mins or so)
    Hi to all you new folks popping in! Susie

  52. I'm glad you chose this topic. I'm a fiction girl personally, and I forget about all the amazing non-fiction on my shelf and kindle. Definitely have some things to check out when I wake up tomorrow. Am I crazy that I think I'm going to want to read as much as possible tomorrow to? This day has just been fantastic. :)

  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. I read 2 nonfiction books today..Stretch and The force is Middling with This One. Both were very entertaining and funny. Also a new follower! It is 129 am....I am getting sleepy!

  55. Almost half of the books I read are non fiction. I especially love books about traveling, bio/memoirs and food.

    I finished reading one The Art of Living, Have two more that I've read partly and hopefully can finish tonight: The Accidental Explorer and Up at the Villa: Travel with my husband.

    I too enjoyed Waiter Rant. And speaking of Mars, I just finished The Martian Child. Also highly recommend Wesley the Owl and Geography of Bliss. I like Hot, Flat and Crowded too. And if you haven't read Mary Roach's books you must...

  56. You had me at "box of non-fiction" but then you mentioned chocolate as well!!

    I read Clandestine in Chile by Gabriel Garcia Marquez -- short but good. I had a few other non-fics in my pile, but it's not looking like I'll get to them tonight! (er...this morning;))

    situationswhereyoumayneedit at gmail dot com

  57. It's very, very odd, but I'm not reading a single nonfiction book this time. Last fall, I read 100% nonfiction.

    I'm a follower.

    debnance at gmail dot com

  58. I'm backkkkk!!! it is 3:03 AM!!!! whohooo!

  59. Susan- Waiter Rant does sound funny! I will add it to my to do-do list!!

  60. fakesteph- I agree on all points! haha

  61. joemmama thanks for joining in! I know I'm really sleepy too!!!

    I want to know what crazy person put my NonFiction challenge at 1-4AM! This is my first time hosting a mini challenge so I think I got the crazy time! lol

    Not easy concentrating but it has been enlightening!

    Thanks for the follow and I will stop in and follow you back later when I'm really awake!

  62. azuki thanks so much for joining in and giving all those NF book recommendations! We do share similar interest!

    Keep on reading!!!

  63. Buffy..chocolate helps all causes, right??? haha Glad I could drag you in with it!!!

    Thanks for playing along!

  64. readerbuzz that is OK we still like you!!! haha Thanks for the follow and I will stop over and follow you back!!!

    I love the name readerbuzz...right now my brain thinks that it says reader we should be sleeping!!!

    haha ..

  65. FYI- when I'm tired I type in a lot of incomplete sentences and I use A LOT OF !!!!!!! marks! They keep me awake!

  66. My book that i'm reading "Keys to Good Cooking" is over 550 pages and I really thought that I could read it all during this 3 hr time slot! Well I haven't even gotten to page 100! It is a deep book!

    The NF challenged helped me focus on this book though!

    Good point that it made: Recipes are every where, cooking shows are every where and even food blogs (yep I'm a foodie, too).... We will come across a lot of recipes and some will give us reliable results but many won't!

    The book helps you if you keep failing at a recipe. I'm pretty good at creating recipes but very bad at passing them on to others.

  67. mu non fiction was emotional freedom judith orloff

    kai charles

  68. Anyone out there! No one has left a comment since 2:40am- well besides me!

    It is 3:18am...I'm off to read and will be back at 4 to pick my winner!

    Keep reading and posting! Have fun!


  69. Hi FICTION STATE OF MIND thanks for stopping in and posting! I thought everyone fell asleep!!!

  70. Here is my non-fiction book:

    BTW, I follow you.

  71. I just followed you via Google Friends.

    And coincidentally even before discovering this challenge I had updated my read-a-thon post with a list of the NF I've been spending time with today. I tend to have bookmarks in MANY NF at one time and wander back and forth among them whereas I can usually read only one fiction story at a time

    Glad to see someone in the thon promoting NF.

  72. I'm currently reading a non-fiction book, Neither Here Nor There by Bill Bryson, a travelogue based in Europe. And earlier I read The Lost City of Z, which is also non-fiction. I love it! =)

  73. Non-fiction books galore! TNX for the mini-challenge. You can find my entry at Graasland.

  74. Hi SPAV!

    Thanks for joining the challenge! I can't wait to read your post!! Thanks for the follow!

  75. Hi Joy Renee!!

    Thanks for stopping in and following!!!

    Keep on reading!!

  76. Awesome Meghan!!!

    Thanks for posting!

  77. Gnoe thanks for stopping in and I WILL be visiting you and checking out your reads!!!

  78. Congrats comment #23 Laurie won my box of NF books! Silly Random # draw drew my comment numbers twice! IT took a 3rd time to get a winner!!!

    Thanks all for playing in the mini challenge! If you just stopping in please leave comments and follow! I will comment back, visit and follow you, too!!!

    Susie-- i'm going to bed! haha

  79. Hiya!! sorry didn't get a chance to reply to your post-- and yes, I do think Blair is cute! He's my favourite British prime minister [along with Churchill]!


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