Zombie Murder Mystery Party and Halloween ideas

Ready for some Zombie Themed Food ideas? Here are tasty halloween recipes for you to check out as well as our Zombie Town Murder Mystery party! Have you ever attended a My Murder Mystery Party?  My husband and I have been to several different types, including dinner theaters events.  This was our first time to actually host one.  

Our twins were turning 16 and we asked them if they wanted to have a murder mystery party for all their friends.  They were very hesitant because they didn't understand what it was all about.  I don't think that they really got it until it was over! haha

They chose the Zombie My Mystery Party which was the most perfect party for tweens, teens and adults! We had over 40 people and it was fun! We paired up tweens with adults and teens.  We tried mixing it up and it worked great.  Our age range was 11-50 something. It was a great family event!

Here is the website description:
Dust off your tattered zombie clothing and get ready for your next exciting zombie murder mystery party! A fun zombie-themed murder mystery party for ages 15 and up, 8-16+ guests. Non-gender specific - play co-ed, all female or all male! Expandable to over 40 guests with the main game by adding additional guests to play with the 3 expandable characters.
Our Take on the Party:  I started planning a month before the party to get everything set up.  These type of parties can be put together in just a few days, too. The kit, once paid for, is instantly downloadable.  This is a huge plus in my book.  I loved having the kit right away so that I could plan out what I needed to do for the party. There are some parts of the kit that must be printed off, like the name tags and script for each character. You can do that at home, online copy center or take the file to a local copy center.  We had Staples make our copies.   
Each part of the mystery is clearly explained and outlined.  We never had confusion of what needed to be done.  My husband and I both ran the party.  I did all the behind the scenes organization and he led the party.  It is funny because in the end when they had to cast "who did it", I was chosen as one of the murderers.  Here I was just the Mommy Housewife Zombie, feeding all of them each course and they thought I was a killer! haha  

The Kit included recipe ideas, games, music ideas, props,etc.  These things were all very helpful in the planning stage.Our party lasted several hours.  We cut out a few games just to save on time.  No one noticed but the host.
Host: Agent Xmuldersmith, Mrs. Zombie Housewife

I have nothing negative to say about the My Mystery Party site or the party kit!  You must go check it out.  They have specific parties for Adults, Teens and Kids!  I started to count and I stopped once I got to 50!  

We picked this party at a great time because all the Halloween stuff that I wanted for the party.  You can go all out crazy with decorations, food, costumes like we did or you can keep it simple.  If you are thinking of having one, pick it and then start getting the items you need.  I recommend that you have several people helping you who are not involved in the mystery.  This will make everything flow!    
 Do you have any questions for me about the Murder Mystery? I'd be happy to answer them. Besides all the food, costumes and decorations, my favorite part was having a party where everyone got involved.  Some players got into it a lot more than others.  Some came in full costume, others none while some just did their face.  We had paint handy to help those who needed it!  Some didn't pass on all their information yet some probably gave away too much.  It was a huge success. I think everyone loved when the victim came out of hiding.  No one knew when or how they would find out about the victim.  We had one of the birthday girls be the victim! It was perfect! 

We want to plan another one.  Some of our friends are going to host the next one.  I can see that we started a trend here!  

Here are pics of the food. Some have links because I have blogged the recipes! The birthday girls helped plan what we were going to eat and what we were going to call the food.  It was fun giving ordinary things, like chips, crazy-creepy names like "scabs."  All the soda bottles have fun labels, too.  We took off the original labels so they only knew what they were drinking by what they thought it was.  How fun! Enjoy! 

We purchased "margarita" plastic glasses because these had green stems. We used a handprint rubber stamp and stamped hands all over the glasses.

At the Halloween Store we purchased stickers to put on all the drinks including this bottle of tomato juice.

We found gummy brains and lips and had them on a platter.

In this Mystery Party these is something about pumpkins so we had a bowl of these on the table with toy fingers in the bowl.
Zombie cupcakes with a secret inside. We baked and frosted our favorite cupcakes and squeezed in red cupcake gel as blood. We put them on a sheet pan with and topped with crushed Oreos, candy bones covered in Oreos and red cupcake gel. A skeleton was placed in between the cupcakes and fake plastic rats.

We found gummy teeth and added in plastic body parts.

Candy corn and teeth!

Gum eyeballs and more body parts.

Of course we had bowls of halloween candy. 

Love this bloody table cloth that we found at the party store.

Bloody-red decorating gel- dead rat and bones with the cookie cake.

Pumpkin Guts- This is the easiest chili recipe ever. We called it pumpkin guts at the party.

We made a bloody bony handprint with red decorating gel.

Toxic Waste Punch

Veggie Platter we named "Rat Intestines" which included cauliflower, carrots and orange & yellow peppers.


Kids named the chips "scabs" which they kinda look like them.

Easy to make macaroni salad- cook macaroni and stir in mayo, shredded carrots, chopped celery, olives and celery seed. This was named "bowl of puss."

Various chunks of watermelon for the "juicy flesh."

Thanks to MMM for sponsoring this post.  I was sent a kit to review and blog.  My own spooky opinion and tasty words are shared. Try it for yourself, if you dare!

Jello Brain Mold Recipe.
Finger Food
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  1. That looks like so much fun! Glad your treats all turned out so well, especially the cupcakes. I'm happy that I was able to inspire someone! Especially someone having such a uniquely-themed party.

  2. That sounds so awesome. I have never done one. Love your party favors too, you are just too good!!

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  5. Very cool...def. perfect for 16 year olds! Thanks for visiting my blog. Stoppying by from the hop.

  6. We have been thinking of hosting one for years. Maybe this will inspire us. I will get back with some questions if we do. Thank you. It sounds like fun!

  7. Wow, what a party! It sounds like everyone had such a great time!

  8. I followed your ghostly trail back. I could not resist had to find out about the murder. What a awesome party ya'll had. I am a new follower.

  9. What an awesome idea for a party and definitely Spooktacular this time of the year.

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    Happy Halloween!

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    Happy Hauntings! Thanks for stopping by for All Hallows Eve! Enjoy your Halloween weekend!

    Mother of Pearl It Is

  12. Hopping over from the Halloween Hop:) What a great idea for a 16th party! So much better than the trational 'sweet 16' type of thing. All of the food items look and your hubby did a great job!

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    Happy Halloween!!!

  21. Thanks for stopping by Haute Mom. This looks like too much fun! I would love to host a party like this.

  22. Love the murder mystery party. DH and I had one a LOOOONG time ago and I'd forgotten until reading yours how fun they are! Returning the love and following you.

  23. Your twins are so lucky to have such fun parents! And it looks like you did heaps of themed foods, decorations etc to really bring the party alive.

    I am such a huge fan of murder mystery parties. Such a wonderful idea!

    BTW, visiting and following you back from my blog, Becks and the City:


  24. Oooh! I had a Murder Mystery party many years ago - I forgot how much fun it is!

  25. These sharing to events of Murder Mystery Evening is a great job and I am crazy attend this party its wonderful of murder mystery theme.


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