FREE Scholastic Book with the purchase of a Brita Bottle for Kids

No matter where we go, someone in my family has a drink with them. I don't know if we are abnormal or not but we are always taking a drink or picking one up along the way when we are out and about. For the most part, water is the choice drink. The sports girl prefers water or a sport drink and the two older girls prefer water, juice or occasional energy drinks.

What is the big deal about water? Our body is 2/3 water. When there is an imbalance, especially not enough water, you can get headaches, fatigue, false hunger, poor skin conditions and more. Drinking water can help with all of these issues. I personally can tell you that water has helped me have clear skin, ward off hunger, lessen headaches and gives me energy for working out. If water is so good, why don't we drink more?

Everyone is picky about their water. Filtered or bottled water seems to be the drink of choice for the lunch box or to take along to college classes. There are a lot of water bottles available to take your water on the go. For your kids, Brita® created a bottle that is reusable and has a built-in filter to keep fresh water tasting good.

Aren't these fun? These Brita Bottles for Kids are reusable, have a built in filter which is convenient for kids on the go! The bottles are BPA free, recyclable, dishwasher safe and the filter last 2 months or 40 gallons. The bottle is eco friendly and holds 13 oz. These bottles save money because you are reusing it instead of buying and tossing in the trash.

Right now when you purchase a Brita Bottle for Kids you can get a FREE book from Scholastic. How fun is that? My kids love books and especially FREE ones! All you need to do is mail in your UPC and proof of purchase to get your free book! Special offer ends 10/31/2012.

This is a sponsored post. I was asked by Brita to blog about the Brita special offer and was compensated. My own tasty opinions are expressed here.


  1. can get them for free here, too!

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