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Leaving Before It's Over: A Novel
The following book description is from Harper-Collins:  A deeply compelling novel that explores the true meaning of family, Leaving Before It’s Over is masterful and provocative fiction from Jean Reynolds Page, the author of The Space Between Before and After and The Last Summer of Her Other Life. Fans of Jodi Picoult and Jacquelyn Mitchard will be moved and enthralled by Page’s Leaving Before It’s Over, as a 1970s family is thrown into turmoil when a previously unknown son and brother is brought into the fold.

Book Description
When Roy Vines married his wife, Rosalind, he traded his family and his inheritance for love—a painful choice that has blessed them with years of joy nestled in rural North Carolina with their beautiful daughters, sixteen-year-old Lola and little Janie Ray.
But their happiness is threatened when Rosalind suddenly falls ill. Desperate to get her the help she needs, Roy does the one thing he swore he'd never do—turn to his heartless and bitter identical twin brother, Mont, for help.
The price is steep—and includes opening their home to a teenage boy who believes Roy is the father who abandoned him. As bad blood threatens to destroy her family, Rosalind must make a difficult choice. Should she walk away—like Roy once did—for love, or try to mend wounds that may never be healed? And will the pain of choosing be more than her heart can bear?

My Take on the book: The Family Unit is stronger than I diamond yet as fragile as tissue paper.  When in turmoil your strength is tested.  All that we do stays with us one way or another.  For some, their past creeps back to them and then a myirad of events happen that will either strengthen or tear away at the life they've created.

This book was a page turner!  Flip, flip, flip I zoomed through the book, engrossed into the family life Roy and Rosalind had created.  From the beginning, it took us into this family and how they are dealing with a sick wife with a blood disorder and a husband that has to go back into his past and deal with family blood.  This book was well crafted and creating many double-barreled, mirrored issues.  Can Roy take on his past "family" baggage and triumphed against it, again? Can Rosalind, being sick, fight to save herself and her family?

I loved the characters that author, Jean Reynolds created. They were clearly defined and I could easily pair them up with people from my past and present.  Some you love, some you vow to stay away from, forever!  The book doesn't include a Reading Guide but you can access one online.  This would be a great book to read with a few girlfriends!

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