Coffee Month- Hip Soul Black Flag Hard Core Punk Rock T-shirt Giveaway

Happy Coffee Month!!!  Today I'm going Hard Core with my coffee review! I'm checking out HipSoul T-shirts and  I reviewed their Hard Core Punk Rock Black Flag Henry Rollins Black Coffee Caffeine Tshirt.  When I saw this shirt I knew that I needed to add this to my coffee month!  At the time I had no CLUE who this band was but I didn't care because the shirt was rockin'!

Here is the store description: Let it officially be known... I love coffee. I shouldn't have to say anything more, but caffeine takes me far beyond driven!
Whether you're a fan of the punk band Black Flag, or not... this coffee t-shirt is probably THEE coolest caffeine-junkie shirt on earth... I mean really... where else are you gonna find black coffee associated with skull-and-crossbones? Here... because our lead artist is "too much coffee man"... remember him? (an old comic book character)
Well, this all came to be while listening to Henry Rollins belt out the Black Flag punk classic... for those who don't know, check out these deftly simple lyrics (chorus):
Drinking black coffee, black coffee, black coffee, staring at the wall.
Black coffee, black coffee, black coffee, staring at the wall.
Black coffee, drinking black coffee, drinking black coffee, staring at the... 

Stab through my heart, stab through my heart, stab through my heart.

But its all in my mind, mind, mind, mind
Just in my mind, mind, mind, mind
Its just in my mind
Oddly enough, the song is actually about coffee... more precisely, it's about angrily drinking coffee, wondering where your girlfriend is... when you're drinking coffee, alone.
But really, no matter... if you want this to be a Black Flag shirt, so be it... if not, be your own man! Personally, I wear it as one of my many coffee t-shirts... because, I love coffee (and Henry Rollins is pretty cool too!)... Rock on!

My Take on the Shirt- Ok this is my FIRST punk rock t shirt! It is just wild with the cross bones on the coffee cup! The t shirt has held up great with washing and is soft.  I love the dark color options of the men t shirts: brown, burgundy, army, gray, blue and dark gray.  The women selection is a fitted tee and offers lighter color choices.  

I zoomed through the online site and couldn't believe some of these shirts. They are just wild and angry! I say that with a chuckle because they are angry shirts with a coolness about them.  

This is a really small business. They are working hard (and succeeding) to provide edgy, high quality tees at a low price.  Right now, their shirts are $12.95! That is a sweet deal!  Right now you can order 4 and get the 5th free!  They make the shirts as needed.  So do you want to win an angry t-shirt of your choice???  
1 T-shirt of your choice 
To enter:  Go check out HipSoul and come back and tell me a shirt you would love to have for yourself of to give as a gift! Leave your email with this comment. 

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GOOD LUCK! Giveaway ends September 8
Thanks to HipSoul for providing a review shirt and giveaway! They will mail out shirt with free shipping unless International. The words expressed in this post are my own tasty thoughts and opinions. 
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