Coffee Month- My Lip Stuff Natural Lip Balms

Happy Coffee Month!  Today's review comes from MY LIP STUFF natural lip balm. I was on another blog and I ran into this cool product.  I was blown away to find out that they have over 500 flavors of natural lip balm and other bath & body products that are skin, earth and animal friendly.  I spent 30 minutes looking at all the yummy flavors! I wanted to order one of each flavor! They are all about serious skin care with a fun flair! They make custom orders and labels, too!

From their site: Express yourself with lip balm! Try out our Booze Balms, Mood Lip Balms, Days of the Week Lip Balms, Calendar Lip Balms, Magic 8 Balms, Fortune Cookie Lip Balm, Loveabalms, Party Favor Theme Lip Balms, Call Me Lip Balms, Horoscope Lip Balms, Voodoo Lip Balms, and more! Or we do also create Personalized Lip Balm, Custom Lip Balm, Private Label Lip Balm, & Promotional Lip Balm!

Perfect for business promotion, wedding favors, bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties & other special events! We might even be able to make your favorite flavor if it isn't one of the 500+ flavors we make already. My Lip Stuff is the ultimate lip balm experience: a cruelty free environmentally friendly company, & a natural lip balm that is not only the best moisturizing lip balm on the planet but it's flavor choices are nearly limitless.

So feed your addiction (or start a new healthy one) & get some My Lip Stuff today! Don't forget to check out our other handmade natural bath and body products, & our 100% VEGAN LIP BALMS! All our quality products are made from only the finest ingredients.

My Take on the Product: I got to try 4 fun flavors! They sent me Chocolate Coffee Beans, Peppermint Latte, Dog Poop and Coffee flavored lip balms to review.  I love all 4!

  • I was a tad freaked out about trying the Dog Poop but knew I had to! The smell was yummy!  It had a rich caramel coffee smell.  I love smelling coffee so it was a pleasure to have this smell while the soft, silky lip balm moisturized my lips. Each lip balm, even though they were all coffee related, had a different smell.  
  • The Chocolate Coffee Beans was all about chocolate and coffee.  
  • The Coffee surprised me the most.  I was expecting a strong coffee smell but it really was a mild, fresh-brewed coffee smell.  
  • The Peppermint Latte reminded me of the Starbucks Peppermint Latte that they serve around the holidays. 
My overall favorite of the four is Dog Poop! Call me sicko, my teens and husband did, but I love it!

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Thanks to MyLipStuff for providing the samples that I used in my review post.  All thoughts and opinions are my own tasty words.

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