Giveaway Winners August-September


(Emails going out this week)

*Shutterfly Giveaway #124 Ashley, #92 Lisa L and #90 PlumbPretty

* The Green Bean Coffee Company Comment #152 Shannon

*Day 31 Good Harvest Coffee Bean Winner LIz

*Day 30 MudPie Studio Comment #278 windicindi (Comment #273 Jules won but she didn't leave any contact information! So sorry)

*Day 29 Starbucks Coffee Recipe Cookbook 4 winners Lisa L, Meg, The Crave to Save and Sharibearg 

*Day 28 Crazy Dog Tshirt Winner Comment #235 alissa4illustration

*Day 27 Mouthy Housewife Magnet Comment #7 jhitomi

*Day 26 Scrabble Pendant Comment #232 Angie 

*Day 24 Java Dog Tshirt Comment #113 Pam

*Day 23 Artist Wire Coffee Clip Comment #124 WindyCindy 

*Day 22 TreeBed Magnet Comment #84 WindyCindy

*Day 21 Awake and Smell the Coffee Comment #115. Shannon

*Amish Book Giveaway #121 Marilyn
            Kindle Giveaway  winner Janet Thompson (picked by author)

*Leaving Before It is Over #4 Maureen

*Day 20 Coffee Bean Earrings and Coffee Bean Rosary Comment #1 for the Rosary  Marjorie
and Comment #43. Earrings/Bracelet windycindy

* Day 19 Soappuccino #32 Teresa

*Day 18 Coffee Cuff #10 BrendaLea, thePrpldy

*Day 17 My Lip Stuff Comment #123 allisonsbj3

*Day 16 Cupcake Cookbook Comment #8. kkfoster35 Comment #140 StuffSmart
Comment # 68 AvonLady02 

* Day 15 Latte Love #4 Charity

* Day 14 Community Coffee #9 Rachel

* Day 13 K Cups #123 shala_darkstone

*Day 12 Whimsical Magic Earring #13 Angie

*Day 11 Hip Soul Tshirt #14 Stephanie

*Day 10 Equal Exchange Coffee #81 Liz

*Day 9 Cozy/checkbook cover Comment #55 Brooke

* Day 8 BRUGO Mug Comment #359 tannawings

*Day 7 CSN Gift card Giveaway Comment #400 Debbie

* Once in a Blue Moon giveaway #17 Beverly

*Day 10 D-n-D Ranch Aromas Comment #121 Cheryl

*Day 7 Kiss the Cook- Comment #349 Heather

*ZEBRA Pens Comment #6 Libby's Library

*Day 4- Big City Coffee Comment #64 Kellee

*Day 3-NachoMamas Comment #59 Luvdaylilies

*Day 2-Coffee Beans of Love Comment #111 Penny W.

*9 MyKap winners-Comment #1 aloi #45 Connie Black #23 Penny W, Lisa L, #149 Liz #194 Victoria #46 Tanya #7 Debbie #69 Aunt Kathy

*Country Bob's Cookbook Comment #109 tannawings

*Radius Toothbrush Comment #10 BrendaLea

*Patch Game Comment 71 Victoria99

*Download N Go Comment #5 Kathryn


  1. Hey! I won!
    That is so cool!
    Now what do I do?

  2. You'll get an email from me very soon!!!

  3. Congratulations to all the winners.
    I am thrilled to be one of them.

    cenya2 at hotmail dot com

  4. Thanks so much for the giveaways!
    I appreciate winning...

  5. YAY! I won two giveaways!! But I haven't received an email yet. Just wanted to let you know and confirm in case you sent the email already and I just didn't get it. :)

  6. I see that I won, but I never received an email. What do I do?

    *Leaving Before It is Over #4 Maureen


  7. Thank you so much for allowing me to win Leaving Before It is Over!
    I am so excited!!!

  8. WOO HOO I won some great stuff the Coffee Event was so fun!

  9. just following up on the prize -- when do i receive it?


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